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Birthday Blessing Maureen

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Hi Jigidi folks - I've posted this puzzle in the hopes someone here knows how SCazee (Sarah) is. There are people looking for her, as we haven't seen or heard from her in a few months.
If you know something of her well-being, please message me.

Thank you very much,
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  7. beeld0:18
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  9. setala20:19
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Thank you all XO

Merrie ~ we are doing well, many thanks (no virus around us, thankfully).

Toku ~ that's fab! I didn't know there was a MJF, so thanks for that :) - thrilled you like the flower; it was growing wild in my friend's yard (that's Maureen: her birthday was in March).

Bubble ~ that's okay and thank you too XOXO

Birgit ~ yes, sadly there's a lot of folks who seem to 'disappear' without notice. Thankfully it's not always due to passing away. If you're looking for @robf he is alive and presently sorting out some personal matters. I'm assuming he will return to us sooner or later :)

Wanda ~ thank you and thank you :-) xoxo


Happy Birthday, Maureen. Have a wonderful day. Wanda

Beautiful posting, Kyrin. Wanda


Oh yeh, lovely flower, your back garden?

Thank you for sharing.


Sorry, don’t know her but am also looking for others who have not been on Jigidi from weeks to months. We’ll keep praying they turn up or respond to emails.


I have seen SCazee's name but afraid I've not done any of her puzzles, hope she turns up Christine


I have posted a request on the "Missing Jigidi Friends" page, by 'oynot'.

Might be someone will give a response.

Sorry, I don't know her.
How are you and your parents doing, Christine?


Hi all - does anyone know how @SCazee is please? She hasn't been seen/heard from in a few months and was last recorded on Jigidi on 14th Jan 2021. I have a friend of hers on Fb asking after her.
@beeld @Birgit73 @Bubble @BunnyLeigh @dhi @Donnajames @irisriver @karencubbison @LinM @nanapuzzler @niccolino59 @oldnanalarissa @pasta @robf @sillychick @Sissel @SPaceDinVADerOne @TrevUK @twistinNturnin @mble111911 @myself1935 @Kebawe @kmccarrel @Peggystarr3 @Toku_Floyd @Fruttel1 @janclaire57 @LaurelRJones @Lipizzan @sbwilner @TIME4ME

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