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Payton's Adopted Birthday

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15 years ago today I visited WAIF just "looking" at kitties. (Need I mention I happened to have the cat carrier in my car?) I had lost my kitty "Da'Baby" several weeks earlier and vowed I would never suffer the pain of loosing a furry baby again...I was wrong. Scraggly little white cat, newly neutered quite sickly after his arrival the day before tottered out and gave me a big kitty s-t-r-e-t-c-h. Home we went! The rest is history! :))))))) He be 16 on Aug 1. I think he was about 4 months old when I adopted him and him me.
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Quilt, this was my last home.......I had a porch screened in just so he could enjoy times like in this picture.


We did the exact same thing. Every time. Cats are wonderful mates to have around. Congratulations to Peyton. It is hard losing a pet but we all need a gentle companion and cats just fit that need in all of us. Peyton looks quite content in this photo. Thanks for this one.


When we adopted Goofie, we got papers of the shelter. He was brought in with his mum and his siblings (don't know how many kittens) on the 28th of August, by a man who had taken care of the 'stray' family. He had mentioned the kittens were born on 28 May 2001. Goofie was very tiny for a Kitty of 4½ months old, but the second day he was with us he was throwing up a bit of slime with 'clear' blood. I was beside myself with worry and we rushed him to the Vet. Turned out he was teething, which was about right at that age!! He must've swallowd one or two, but I did find a couple of baby theeth and kept them in a little box, which I sadly lost one day whilst clearing up the drawer the box was in! :((
But....I did keep whiskers he'd lost in a jewelry box. They're 'pointed' in the foam of the box with the lid up and every now and then I rub my cheek against them ! :-))


I know, I'm late with the wishes....but I do want to congratulate, Payton, You sure did pick a great Mom!
Dusty : )


Thank you, Ladies. I really love this little cat. IMPIE, great reminder about the, perhaps Payton is a little older than I thought? I know WAIF would not have neutered him if he were too young. :)


This is a beautiful story full of love ♥♥♥
Thank you Carol for sharing this with us.


What a happy satisfied cat Payton is! and rightfully so!


When something is right you just can't argue with it can you. Fate brought you together and you did the rest.
Happy adoption day Payton. A day well worth celebrating.


P.S. Wonderful story....we all know who is really adopting whom, don't we?!!! :-))


Happy adoption birthday, Payton and Carol!! Wishing you both lots more companionship time together!! Enjoy those wonderful sunbeams, Payton!! :-))

Happy Adoption Day Payton and Carol! This is indeed a very special day for you. You are both very lucky. You looked very pleased with yourself and happy, need I add handsome?!


Happy Adoption Day, Payton....You look good and so content enjoying the sunbeams! ♥
Your pink ears remind me of our kitty Lucky, when he was 'stressed' (V.E.T. visits) or hot from the sunshine, he'd get pink (almost red) ears! ☺♥☺♥☺

Thanks for your story, Carol. The vow of never wanting to suffer the pain of loosing a furry baby again, sounds familiar. I vowed the same after our Happy passed away (at only 11 yrs. old), but then after 3+ months I let myself pursuade to go 'looking' at the shelter. Goofie was about 4½ months old when we found each other, but we had him neutered at 9 months old. Usually it's not done before they're at least 6 months old!
I'm wishing that you and Payton may enjoy each other's company for a long time to come!♥


LOL RebeccaB........I think you figured it out!


Payton, I didn't know! I thought EVERY day was your birthday! :))

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