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Three years ago, I did trip from our home in Southern Oregon to Southern California. That doesn't sound like a big trip but California is 800 miles long by car. I was in the Malibu area late in the afternoon when I caught this surfer doing his thing.


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So, when you do get home on the 3rd, it will be like "coming home again." :-)) I hope your trip will be safe and fun. Be careful!!

Thanks for responding seagirl I too have been puzzled by the lack of response on the surfing pics. I love your work and want to thank you and your other half for the great pictures that you have posted. I may never get to the U.S, but you Jigidiers have let me see through your posts.


mickthedinosaur, glad you liked it. I have posted several surfing or paddleboard photo puzzles and none of them attracts many solves.

hey seagirl, nice shot. once you get the surfing bug you will never lose it. I think I've completed every jigidi surfing puzzle so please post more if you've got them. great work!


dblay, I have played around in the surf riding a boogie board but never tried the big stand up surf boards. I was planning to begin my drive home Sunday but the weather is stormy Sunday through Tuesday. I will head home first thing Wednesday morning and get there by Friday night, July 3rd. Incidentally, it was July 3rd eleven years ago that I moved back to my home state of Oregon after 13 years in Colorado. Terry


Wow, what an excellent photo, Terry. You got a great shot of this guy and I can never imagine how they do that without breaking their necks. :-) Great puzzle too and THANK YOU for sharing it. Hope the trip is still going well and Sue, I hope you are making it okay also.


BJEE, I was safely "sandsurfing" on the shore, Terry

It seems like you were only a surfboard away on this shot, Terry! Nice one!