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I found a House Finch sitting on the floor of the Thistle feeder and noticed it being unfortunate having the eye disease Finches are known for which has made him blind..
His head were covered in thistle and I decided to use a craft paint brush to remove the first he chirped and moved away but soon after he accepted the strokes of the brush..

Six hours later he had made it out of the cage and sat on the ground and I’m sure feeling very lost..

I was sure he was thirsty and I poured some water on his beak and he enjoyed a few sips from my container and he decided to jump up and sit on the container edge and then he jumped up on my finger where he sat while hubby got the Hamster cage hidden in the garage..and some pictures and a video..

The cage got set up for “Pippa” (meaning bird in Swedish) with branches, seeds and water..Pippa got settled in in no time by preening, rubbing his eyes on the branch, finding the seeds and water..when I knew he was OK I put him and the cage outside on the BBQ and not long after he had a friend stop by (seen in bottom right) and Pippa perked up and jumped from branch to branch and his friend settled on the branch sticking out of the cage…and now he is safe and asleep in his cage😊

I have no clue about tomorrow and I don’t want Pippa sitting in a cage ..

I’ve had other blind Finches and they become food to predators and we have one coming every morning and leaves the feathers behind…tho far I haven’t seen what kind it is but one day hope to..
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Marina, Thank You❣️ The best part was that she trusted me and sat on my finger for the longest time without hesitation😊 It was a once in a lifetime thing and I truly treasure the opportunity ❣️🤗❣️


Oh, how kind of you to help the poor blind Pippa. I'm sure it'll recover soon.



Eva, I'm so glad to hear the happy end of this story. You earned Pippa's trust, you helped, and she's okay and carrying on with her life. ~Patsy


Ardy, so sorry to have jumped your comment 🙀 I think we all have typos and most of the time it really doesn’t matter..
I’m also happy for the ending of the bird story💕💕 She came a couple of times and sat in her cage, but she didn’t return for the evening..The next day many of the other birds came to the cage and sat on the pegs both inside and outside, because I kept food in it😊..Now it’s put away all cleaned out❣️ Hugs my friend❣️🌸❣️


Merrie, Thank You 😊 The bird told me in no words that #1 She trusted me and #2 She wanted my help..It was rather cute how it all played out and it left me with a great satisfaction ❣️🌸❣️


Val, it’s always good when the emotions have a workout..I’m the same way…Tears come easy…Thank You dear friend and Hugs❣️🌸❣️


Janet, It’s my nature and I’m always there to help and very natural to me❣️ This had a good ending which warmed my heart💕💕 I’ve always looked after the under dog it being human or animals❣️ Hugsmy friend❣️🌸❣️


Thank you Patsy😊 and there were a good ending to the story❣️❤️❣️

Poor bird. Eva, you are an Angel to have come to it's rescue.


Lovely story Eva you brought tears to my eyes and warmth to my heart, thank you my friend Hugs ♥♥♥


What a fabulous story Eva, and what a kind heart you have. I see there's more to this story so I'll go and look and hope for the best.
Hugs my friend. ♥♥

What a story, in pictures and words! And not yet the end. You have been very kind.


Eva, we all make typos even when wide awake and alert. I look back at some of my comments and wonder how I missed that mistake. I have to watch the word "pray" because it can come out as "pry" and "pay" and spell check does not catch it for they are really words.

So delighted to see the update and a happy end to your wonderful story. Thank you. Hugs my friend♥♥


Thank You Ardy for being on me for my spelling mistakes😺 I put this together in my bed around 11 PM to be able to post it as soon as I woke up…I guess that was a bad idea, but at least I tried❣️ Hugs my friend❣️🌸❣️
I just posted the conclusion to the story👏👏👏


Look how quickly it learned to trust you and sit on your finger. Such good care you are giving it, Eva. I would think it would be happier in the cage where it knows the boundaries and knows nothing can harm it then being out in a world filled with danger. Thanks. A beautiful story. Hugs dear friend♥♥

Eva, there are two typos which you might want to fix.
Title "c" instead of "s" in Finch
Second row of description: decease "is" instead of "ec" for disease.

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