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,,,ᕠᕫᕡ,,, Awakening ,,,ᕠᕫᕡ,,,

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No. 2 - I'm a little hero and I'm very curious, I'm starting to peek out of my furry coat

Pulsatilla grandis is a very rare strictly protected plant that blooms in early spring and grows in only a few localities in Europe. Those areas with a strict regime are established for its protection. At the time of flowering, this "key to open spring" grows to a height of 15 cm and its beautiful blue-violet bells adorn the spring meadow
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Suzy, thank you very much, we will do much better with your support ♥:))


Stay warm, little one. Grow big and strong!


Jill, thank you for coming to see me. The ice on the petals is so cold, but we are hardy and can withstand the cold when the sun warms us during the day ♥:))


You are very brave and oh so pretty.


Hi Dulsineja, thank you for sending me your experience with the first encounter with this flower in nature, it's a coincidence. I took pictures of them on Saturday of last week after a freezing night. Garden varieties are quite common but wild ones are rare. I'm glad you like it and thank you for stopping by me ♥:))


Hi Deanna! I have seen a Pulsatilla montana in one of the karst high-plateaus of the Notranjska region (SE Slovenia) this weekend! It was the first time for me to find one in nature; I know the flower my mum grows the garden variety. This variety is deep violet. Thanks for posting the series.

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