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'Vietnam' By French Artist, Daniel Dupont

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Thanks for sharing. Here is your html-code:

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If you can find the title, I will be glad to add it above.

Thanks to a jigidi member this painting has a title.
See the comments below.
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  1. uulimuuli40:12
  2. Rafanadal245:46
  3. piedra55:16
  4. bpalmer59:07
  5. christoulia1:00:55
  6. hoppersnail1:08:14
  7. Roberte1:10:38
  8. maiwbcn1:14:55
  9. raakul1:19:20
  10. taghumjess1:22:46


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Thanks for the advice getjigi, that is exactly what I always do, it is so easy,
most of the time. I couldn't do everything I do on the computer without
google, but it has steered me wrong on a couple of occassions and this
time I didn't see the name Daniel Dupont. After you gave me that info.
I decided to put his name in google and the word artist, not a blessed
thing came up. Then I again googled the painting and kept scrolling down
and, lo and behold I finally found Daniel Dupont. So, perhaps it was just
meant to be, that I was to meet a new jigidi friend, you! : ) Thanks for
steering me right.


jlou, next time you find an image you like but there is no title ar artist try the reverse image search on....(wait for it)...Google. You upload the image and google searches the internet for that image or similar images. That's how I found the artist and title of your posting. I don't know that I would have spent the time looking if it hadn't been such a great puzzle. Thanks. And thanks for wanting to know where the image came from.


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Google isn't worth a .....
getjigi, I will correct that asap.


It is a painting by Daniel Dupont titled "Vietnam"

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