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πŸ·β™«πŸŒΉ For friends πŸŒΉβ™«πŸ·

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These days, three of our "southern" friends are celebrating their birthdays.

Jill 🌹 JillianB 🌹 is currently spending her vacation on the beach in New Zealand with her loved ones 🌊🌊

Rob 🌹 Robbos 🌹 brings us joy with his wonderful pictures and enjoys summer in sunny Australia 🐬🐬

Nev 🌹 ulangariver 🌹 is not here with us and I do not know why. I hope they are healthy - Nev, Marge and their whole family and are still accompanied by the unforgettable Barry Koala 🐨 🐨

Dear friends, whether you are here or not, I send you all sincere congratulations on your birthday with wishes of good health and many more years full of happiness and joy in everything that fills your heart


✴** β™« * Happy Birthday dear Jill, Rob, Nev * β™« **✴

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Dear Jill, thank you for those beautiful "down under birthday kids", I wouldn't have thought of that, it is super. I welcome you here after your beautiful vacation and I am very pleased that the joy of congratulations from friends awaited you πŸ’–:))


Firstly, thank you dear Deanna how lovely of you, so recently back but remembering the three of us β€˜down under’ birthday kids 😏 A beautiful card and wishes.
Ianto, daasha, Carla, Juba, redina, Wanda, Jason, Patti, Val, Suzy - thank you so much each of you for the wonderful greetings, really appreciate them. Had a great birthday and this has added to it.
@Robbos Happy Belated Birthday to you! I would like to say I am ageing gracefully but I worry that my nose may grow πŸ˜‰


Your one the money money with a comment like that, thanks Suzy☺


Gracefully, Robbos? Tee hee!!! Of course you are! Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

To be off celebrating your birthday on an adventure is such a grand idea, Jill! Enjoy and Happy Birthday!! ʚ-(β€’α΄—β€’)-ɞ 

Nev. You are missed. Happy Birthday to you! ❇(βœΆβ€ΏβœΆ


Thanks for your Birthday wishes, mates.
The party has begun for another year, yippee☺


We come to this site, we see each other, but it is not in our time options to write to all friends as we would like. We know each other and birthday reminders are one of the good reasons to meet briefly, shared joy is a great gift. Thank you all, Robin, Wanda, Jason, Patti, Val for writing beautiful messages to our friends, I believe they will be pleased πŸ’–:))


Happy Birthday Jill, Bob, and Nev hope your days were filled with happiness ☺☺☺☺

Deanna a lovely card hugs my friend β™₯β™₯


Happy Birthday Jill, Rob, and Nev!

Gorgeous flower photos, Deanna! Thanks!


Happy Birthday, Jill, Rob and Nev.

Hope all of you will have a wonderful day and year.


Happy Birthday Jill, Rob, and Nev! Hope you all had a wonderful birthday! Wanda

A very beautiful birthday posting, Deanna! Wanda


Happy birthday Jill, Rob and Nev (I hope you are looking in.) Hope you all had a great day. :)

That's a very pretty birthday card, Deanna, and very thoughtful. :))


* Judy, CarlaMarie, Ianto, thank you all β™₯:))

* Ank can't make her beautiful birthday cards right now, so I tried to represent her. We miss her and I hope she comes back.

* Rob, you're funny, maybe we'll all aging gracefully - I'll live in that illusion ... ha ha β™₯:))

You are welcome Birthdays are fun.

thank you Deanna, Happy B-day to your fiends also


Yep, I am aging gracefully yearly☺
Thanks for the well wishes from all.




CarlaMarie, congratulations to your daughter, 26 this is a wonderful age β™₯:))


Dasa. thank you for coming, you solved the pictures of apple blossoms from my garden and sent a nice wish to our friends, they will definitely be happy. I wish you a nice evening too, I'll see you for sure β™₯:))


Ianto, thank you for joining the congratulations, our friends will be delighted β™₯:))

Its my baby, Rachel's b-day today, she's 26.

Deanna, that's a very nice wish from you. Beautiful flowers. They will surely like them and make them happy. I like it very much. I also noticed that Nev hadn't been here in a long time. If you allow me, I will join in your congratulations and I wish everyone all the best and good health. Have a nice evening and goodbye. β™₯β™₯β™₯

Happy birthday to all.

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