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Cali playing with Kong

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Cali saying Happy Birthday to Sammy, hope
he has a great day.
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  1. hadzi1:12
  2. maggie1:18
  3. Janazlouky1:21
  4. SamSammy1:24
  5. wolflady1:35
  6. Jesterka1:47
  7. Rosaackles1:47
  8. rlpuz2:22
  9. catmoma2:58


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I'm so sorry for your loss. Cali was a beautiful dog.


Thanks everyone for your comments. The devastation in the two towns that were hit is
awful. They are getting a lot of help, but no amount of help can bring back your treasures,
and two ladies were killed in the tornado. The little zoo that was hit is doing okay, they
lost an emu & black swan, but they also have had a lot of donations & volunteers.
Thanks everyone..


Cali is so lovely dog. Thank you so much Pat. I am very glad that nothing happened to you and you're safe ☻


Funny the way some dogs love this toy ;Our daughter's Belgian shepherd had one when he was a puppy and enjoyed it so much we bought him a black one for his 2nd birthday but Artus is not in the least interested,prefers tennis balls ,the real thing of course as he will split the fake ones within five minutes...So do you know what we occasionally do in our spare time : look for lost ones round tennis courts. In La Roche Posey we managed to pick up 15 ! but of course Artus either forgets them when we go for a walk or drops them in the pond at home..


Well this is the answer to the question I've just asked you (lol) ,Cali is fine !! I'm very glad !


Thanks for the nice comments Evelyn & Yvonne. We couldn't forget Sammys birthday,
he is such a love.


♥ Thank you dear Cali for your birthday wishes!! Wish we could meet! Love, Sam ♥

Wonderful picture of Cali, Pat!! I agree with ehes, she looks really wise, intelligent. She is a sweetheart! Love and hugs for you both :))

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