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7 yr old Beauty Queen

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  1. IJWS1535:55
  2. LVP43:54
  3. nightwish44:38
  4. j54c48:42
  5. Gordon100049:16
  6. Escherik50:06
  7. Mistraluna50:37
  8. ganu1151:34
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I didn't do it!! But her name and picture were already online in more than one place for anyone to see. She has a fan site. She is part of the infamous child beauty pageant circuit, apparently with her parent/s blessing. This was so upsetting that some of us have been discussing it, knowing that there's nothing we can do about it. We're just as upset as you are, believe me.

Why Why Why would you put this little girl's name out there for predators to have a target. Please take her name off this picture!!!

It could be this little girl just likes playing dress up and going to shows. Really, it's nothing different than children who start out in ballet or gymnastics or horse back riding or playing piano. Some things like ballet you have to start young or you won't be able to do them when you're older.

This girl could end up with a well paid modeling career or maybe she will decide to just chuck it when she's about 13 or 14. You never know. I say as long as the kids are having fun, then let them have fun. Doing pageants is something that can teach a child discipline and lessons about what happens when you work hard and practice.

As long as it's for the kids and NOT for the parents, then I say go for it if they want.

No doubt she is beautiful but she looks 27, not 7; which is ridiculous. These pageants teach these girls that their beauty is what they need to rely on,. What are they going to do when it fades & it will.


It's sad bad that the thousands her parents invest in this pageant world isn't going to a college fund.

What troubles me is that our society is so focused on beauty. God forbid any of us should be overweight. people especially women get physically and emotionally sick because of the pressures of being beautiful and thin. These young girls will feel they have to live up to these ridiculous expectations when they get older. Worse yet the way they look will cripple their ability to think of themselves as anything more.

Why? Why? We are supposed to be empowering our daughters and granddaughters, we are going backwards with this plastic unattainable false goal.

Mistraluna, sorry for my soap box rant. Thank you for posting and inviting us to comment.


Bekkabee, my thought exactly


There's so much pressure on them'. Many of them get plastic surgery, liposuction, and other adult medical procedures. It's insane!

RaynaGrace, you're absolutely right -- they just need to be normal little girls!


This made me really sad to see this little girl dressed and made up like a grown woman. She will have plenty of time for this kind of thing. She needs to be a little girl while she can. It goes so fast.


Puitepe, I agree. What those little girls go through is unbelievable! I think the parents should be put in jail.


poor kid


Thank you!




So the internet says.


She's 7 years old ??

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