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Rolling Fog

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  1. sds6614:14
  2. l_bethoney4:31
  3. limpduck4:33
  4. hins4:59
  5. zsy5:33
  6. Chuckeroo5:49
  7. hud56:00
  8. christy8086:01
  9. Dmitra6:17
  10. DUNSFORD6:18


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Hello my sweet friend! So good to hear from you! glad to know that Munchie is doing fine. Even though she and Heygirl don't pay attention to one another they do co-exist and after 2 years they are company for each other of sorts. you have such a kind heart!
My Yoshi will be 13 in April. He is completely toothless, almost blind due to Cataracts and going death. He's a funny looking furbaby. Now that he has no teeth, his tongue hangs out the right side of his mouth, all the time. He sometimes licks the air. He has to wear a diaper when he is anywhere other than my bedroom. He still gets around okay and physically he is good.

As for me I'm doing okay. Recuperating from a fall a few weeks ago. nothing broken this time, but some pretty deep abrasions on my arms and a lot of bruising. Being diabetic everything takes twice as long to heal.

My family is growing by leaps and bounds. Three of my grandsons got married this past year and a fourth is getting married in April. I now have 4 great-grandchildren... 3 girls and a boy. the girls all live out of state so I don't see them often They are 6, 3 and 1. My great grandson Destin, was born last July. He would be the grandson of my daughter that passed away. He has stolen my heart and I try to see him as often as possible. His mom is a single mom and has had it rough since her mom died. We have become very close. Destin is a bright, alert and energetic almost 6 month old. he has an appt. coming up with a pediatric neurosurgeon due to his soft spots closing prematurely. His head growth has slowed down over the past few months and he may require surgery. So prayers are appreciated.

You will have to keep me updated on your driving progress and your job search. so good to be back in touch. I worried about you when you stopped posting a while back. Be Well sweetheart!


Ms. Lady!!!!! I'm so happy you have come back if only for a short while. I have thought about you so often, especially when I am going through downtown Chattanooga. I know your husband passed, and I am deeply sorry. I know there is nothing I can say that will make you feel better, but I do believe love and friendship never dies. I refuse to believe that because he is gone so is the love. I think it takes another shape.

I'm trying to make certain changes in my life which I am having varying degrees of success. I am working on learning to drive again, and it is a hoot. I had an accident years ago, and then my car was stolen, so I was car less, which led to a deep misery. You know that living this way, no car equals no life. I still have no friends, but a few more people I kind of know. I am hoping to land a new job in the next month really six weeks or so. I need the money like nobody's business.

Munchie is fine. I try not to think about her being ten years old. I find myself in tears just knowing how old she is. I also rescued an orange tabby, I have named Heygirl. I didn't know she was a chick until I took her to the vet. My plan was to give her to someone else, but then Covid happened and the person I thought would be a good fit, is an alcoholic. I don't trust people who have that issue and was afraid that the cat would be in a bad situation. So, I have had her for almost two years. Munchie has nothing to do with her, and vice versa. Each one is sort of the "only child". I am tired of it and I do feel some type of way, bringing in another cat in Munchie's home. Yes her home I just pay the bills. But Heygirl was being beaten up by other cats, to the point she was bloody and limping. I had to step in. I'm probably going to buy some cannabis oil and hope that works. I hope Munchie understands that I still love her fiercely and that will never change.

I have bent your ear enough for one day. I am just so happy to see back for a little while. You have been so missed. I hope Yoshi is doing fine as well along with your kids and grandkids. Please don't stay away for too long but I understand if you do. Huge huge hugs😀


Hi TTwistedRoseet
it's been a long time since I touched base with you. Really glad to see you posting again!
After my husband passed in 2019... I kinda lost interest in Jigidi and most things. Hope things are better for you! I'll check back in a day or two to see if you respond.


Yes the flowers are pretty. I actually posted this because I love days like this:-))

Very pretty flowers though!

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