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Wisteria - Spring Beauty (May17P04)

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Wisteria produces clusters of blossoms that may be blue, purple, pink or white.

Chinese Wisteria blooms in early Spring while Japanese Wisteria blooms in late Spring.

Wisteria symbolises the celebration of youthful vitality and good luck.

All credits go to the photographer who took this photo.

This puzzle is posted in 4 sizes - 28, 96, 135 and 260 pieces. Please enjoy.

Puzzle 108
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You are always welcome, Beverly :-))

Love and hugs, Jason :-)

You are a sweetheart and thank you so much. Hugs Bev.


Dear Beverly,

I am sad to hear of your loss of Max :-(

Please do not feel guilty. Max will know and understand that you have his best interest at heart and that you do not wish him to suffer any longer, Yours is an act of kindness, respect and responsibilty. He is much happier and better now.

I am sure that you will miss him for he has been a faithful, loving and loyal buddy.

Let the tears naturally flow. It is a release. As the days go by, you will be better.

I missed all my dogs who has passed on. However, time heals all wounds, though at times, it may still hurt to think of them.

You are not alone, Beverly. We at Jigidi land are with you.

Warm regards and hugs, Jason.

Hi Jason,
I needed a splash of color or a lightening bolt to get me out of my doldrums.
I had to put my dear sweet Shih-Tzu, Max, to sleep June 4th. He was born June 10, 2007 so he was short 6 days of his birthday. I had him almost 11 years. He was my buddy, he loved me and I love him. I miss him so much. I cannot stop thinking of him and I see him everywhere in my house and out in the lawn. I talked to him and he would just cock his head side to side just like he knew what I was saying. Maybe he did. I could hug him and stroke him and he would cuddle in my arms, knowing I was there for him and him for me. I feel like I betrayed him. He thought he was going to the Vet doctor to get better and instead he met his death. I feel just awful and I try not to cry, but the tears just flow automatically. I love him so much and now am alone. 6-6-18 --9:17AM


You are most welcome, Marina.

I love wisterias, too. They are so pretty and dainty.

Warm regards, Jason.


Gorgeous photo and puzzle. I love wisterias. Thanks. Marina


Thank you for the update, Irena.

Have a good day.


Hello Jason:-)
Yes I know. There's a number of pieces on folding, so that when I have time:-) I wish you a beautiful day:-)


You are most welcome, Irena.

Nowadays, I am more active at jasonchung2 where I create and post my own drawings and colouring.

I wish you a great day.


Thanks to Jason for sharing . I know only the purple and white :-) have a nice day .


Thank you, Sparky.




You are most welcome, Donna.

Of the 3 puzzle sites that I have with Jigidi, I am now more active at jasonchung2 where I post my own "drawings".

I wish you a great day. Warm regards, Jason.


This is very colorful and Spring looking with all the colors so bright. Thank you for posting this, Jason, and thank you for stopping by to check out our new kitty and your nice comments. I also thanked you on my site. I hope you have a nice day.


You are most welcome, Bev.

Bright and beautiful colours with touches of soft light ones.

More puzzles at jasonchung2 for you to bookmark, if you are interested in mosaic puzzles which are all drawn or painted by me.

Warm regards, Jason.


Thank you Sparky for visiting.

I am feeling much better, thank you for asking.

I hope that you and all your loved ones are keeping well.

Warm regards, Jason

Catching up bookmarks. Talk about a splash of color ..this is it and so pretty. Thank you Jason.
May 04,2017...1:38 p.m.


wow thx for a magical puzzle jason - hope you are keeping well ☼


The weather is not that predictable anymore. I was told that it behaves differently from a few decades ago.

I hope you will enjoy better weather conditions soon, Wendy.

Thank you for letting me know that this photo has helped to brighten up your day. I am, indeed, delighted to hear that :)


Thank you, Lia, for dropping by and writing a positive comment. You brought the spring back into my step.


You are most welcome, 6toedcats. It is good to see you again.


Needed your bright colors today. Yesterday was so hot I had all the windows and doors open. Today the furnace is back on and everything is closed and it is raining. We may even get a thunder storm tonight. Tomorrow they say it will be 25 C. Cannot figure out this weather at all...........Wendy


The picture, the colours, are great!!


A lovely spring interlude..thanks for sharing!


You are most welcome, Wendy. Bright and cheery colours for the feel of Spring :)


You are most welcome, Bookish.

I love the colours of these Wisteria blossoms and I am happy that you share the same thought :)


This is simply amazing and oh so beautiful. I don't think I have every seen anything with colors as bright as these. Thank you for this one Jason................Wendy


Thanks for posting. I loved the colours.

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