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Storm Damage

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Late Monday afternoon a severe storm raged through my neighborhood. Lightning, thunder, heavy rain and wind. some hail. This is my front yard when it ended. The limb is off my dogwood tree. The petunias in the flower bed were smashed down. Two blocks to the left tree and telephone poles were down. I was without power from sometime after 5 until about 1 a.m.
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@wshealy I'll be watchin but will depend on you to help me catch the 12 million mark.


Thank you for the wonderful encouragement, Ardy. You inspire me to keep going. Hope you have a great weekend. Wanda


@wshealy Wanda, It looks like you could reach the 12 million mark before the end of August. WOW.


Thanks, Wanda. As we discovered yesterday that debris is not from my tree. Don't know where it came from. I have seen any tulip poplars in this neighborhood for years. All my dogwood branches and leaves are doing fine. ☺


Sorry to hear about your storm damage. Glad you are safe and made it through okay. We have old fashioned petunias in our yard. I just love that they come back up every year.


Faye, I mentioned on another puzzle that the limb and pieces are from a tulip poplar and not my dogwood. Cheerie Lou thought maybe it was blown off a passing truck. Who knows. I don't know of any tulip poplars in the neighborhood.

Bird feeders not affected. Sparrows are hopping around happily. Thanks my friend. ♥♥♥


Oh, my!!! It's even scarier when you're on your own...and even more so if mobility is restricted! I'm so glad that you're safe and didn't suffer too much damage, Ardy. Hopefully, Sam will have time to pop by and have everything looking good as new. Did your bird feeder suffer? Are the sparrows chirping again in your azaleas?

That we are.


Love this caring community. Thanks dhi.


Thanks, Val, for the update on your fur babies. Hugs and pats (as appropriate) to all dear friends♥♥♥♥


Great news Val, thanks for the update. 👍


Ardy like your garden both Lincoln and Bella have bounced back, I was really worried about Lincoln not eating but his appetite is back and Bella is her sweet self again. Love to you from all of us ♥♥♥♥


You are welcome. and boy do we care.


Thanks, Ianto and Isaly. I've not been able to see the damage up close until today. The branches and other debris is from a tulip popular. As far as I can see there are no tulip poplars in this area. My guess is it was blown off a passing truck. Appreciate your comments and caring. Hugs.


Thank you @dhi for the tag. @ringleader2 I'm so glad the damage wasn't worse and that you are safe.....

That they can be. My complex has lost power. There also has been damage to cars.
Most minor, but two were badly damaged.


Ianto, glad that was all it was. These storms can be and often are deadly.


Thanks, AB. Things are doing well again. See my comment to Val. Huggles

That it was. My lights did flicker once.
There was a few branches down. But not much..


Thanks, Val. It was scary but shorter than most of our storms. Yes, I know and am thankful that my Lord watches over me. I'll text Sam today. The petunias and crepe myrtle have both bounced back. I hope to get outside with the camera when Cheerie Lou comes to do the laundry this morning. Are Bella and Lincoln doing better? Hugs dear friend♥♥


Thanks, Ianto. It was scary for those few minutes!!

I had a thunder storm last night. I will find out the damage when I go for my walk.


My goodness terrifying.
Thank goodness you are safe and sound.
Having no power is certainly no fun particularly in this hot weather,
Your garden will be blooming again in no time at all particularly with Sam's help.
You take care and stay safe.




Wow Ardy so pleased you are okay, must have been so scary hearing nature roaring outside, no power as well. Glad that him upstairs was keeping an eye on you. Sam will soon have it tidied away for you, the Petunias will bounce back. Take care dear friend Hugs♥♥♥

That is a good thing. It can be scary.


Thanks, Shirley. At least it wasn't for a horribly long time.


Yes, I'm fine and so is the house. Thank you, Ianto.

Right Donna. I was all right but hot and not able to sleep. ☺

Thanks, Barb. That tree has been there for a number of years and has lost some other branches but it's still lovely. I think I appreciate the A/C even more after a few hours without it. Thanks for the extra hugs. Hugs ♥

Suzy, I was just telling Barb that I appreciate the A/C even more after not having it for a few hours. I slept well last night. Thank you. ♥♥♥


Storms can be very scary, I feel for you, Ardy, being without an aircon. in your hot humid weather.


A bit of wind, it seems? The summer storms sure can bring havoc to neighborhoods. Happy you got your power back and how refreshing the air conditioning must feel!!
Get some rest, my friend. ♥♥♥


One unlucky branch, Ardy but thankfully the whole tree is fine. Not good to have no power in the hot and humid weather. Thankfully, it was all over in time. Hope your day is much better today. Extra hugs my friend ☺♥

I agree.


Yes, hot, humid and no air, agh!

As long as you are alright.


Sandi, you are right and the petunias have perked up again. I'm hope Sam can come and clean up the yard tomorrow.

Beth, I agree. So may severe storms, flooding, fires etc. I wish those in position to help slow down the destruction would stop fighting each other and do something.

Right, Jacki. Glad I wasn't aware of how bad it was. Like someone pouring buckets of water at the windows. I think there was hail for a short time. ♥Hugs♥

Thanks, Donna. It was more like 7 hours. Hard when it's hot. One can take off just so much body covering but once one is down to skin....

Thanks, Pat. I know my Lord is always watching out for me. Hugs.

Francine, it was wild wasn't it!!! Here it started around 5 p.m. I took this photo around 7 I think so it was short but fierce.

Thanks, Pam. I'm glad I don't live a couple blocks down. That's where trees going down took the power poles with them in two different places. ♥

Eva, you are right. I pray daily for His protection and am thankful for it. Hugs my friend♥♥

Such weather belongs to the autumn, not the summer.
How lucky it did not get worse. (I reckon the tree was not harmed more than losing the limb.)


Mother Nature knows how to leave a mess behind and God is still so much stronger with his love and protection❣️ Hugs dear Ardy ❣️🌸❣️


Wow, Ardy, that was some storm! 🙁 Never fun to lose power. Glad you are okay, and your house is intact. ♥︎


We had similar storm on Monday, starting early afternoon, on and off, ending in the evening.


Someone was looking out for you .. Hugs


I am very glad to see that your damage was not as severe as your neighbours. But 5 hours without power is a lot!
Thanks for letting us know & take care.

I guess Jigidi is taking on the role of an informal, global weather station.


I'd say you were lucky. It's a shame about the limb from the dogwood, but the lawn can be fixed with a rake or a leaf blower and, I agree with Sandi, the petunias will recover. hgs


Mother Nature seems to be very angry with us.


Wow! That storm sure did make a mess. That's a long time for you to be without air conditioning or a fan. On a brighter note, I think the petunias will come back and be beautiful again.

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