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The art project I painted for this years charity auction.

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Finished, and I'm dropping it off today!
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It's good to hear from you. :)


Thank you Pat. Christmas was nice to be with family, but so very stressful. New years, my original plans fell through, but it turned out better than I thought it would. My friends here would not let me sit home alone. Bless them. I hope you had a nice Holiday too.


Jeannie hope you had a Merry Christmas .... and Have a Happy New Year... Check this out when you get a chance...


First....Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to you all.
Thank you Yellow gal. My gigs have kept me busy. :)
Thank you lyndee. I hope you have a wonderful Holiday.
Gemstone, the same to you, and I will check my e mail. I've been bad about that lately.


Especially for you, Jeannie:

P.S. Check your e-mail.

Thinking about you . . . . . : ))


Merry Christmas Healer.

Not to worry, Jeannie, we're good at whatever stage you happen to be at on a given day! I'm glad to read that you've lined up these gigs . . . something to look forward to. Keep on trucking : > )))


Sorry Suzy. I'll try to do better. Not really been myself lately. I'm getting there. :)


Where you be, Jeannie? Miss you!


Thanks yellowgal, Thanks Suzy.
Tonight I sang with a band called "Grove Hill" at a local pub. I had a ball. It was my first time to sing with them, and they want me to sing more with and then....of course. It'll be fun. Actually just got home a little bit ago. I'll have trouble going to sleep tonight! LOL!


You are rocking, Jeannie!!! Way to go!

Congrats! You go girl !!!


He he he he.....doing fine. I had a Karaoke gig on Friday night. On Sat. went to Indiana for over night to watch a friend play in his band, and a birthday party. I had a ball. Danced my little feet off! I have another gig Sat. night., and 3 more this month after that one. I actually have bookings through March. Yeah!!!!

How are you doing, LOTL ?? Thinking of you !


WOW! LOVE THE 10 STARS! Thank you everybody!!!!!!! Love it!


You now have yourself 10 stars! :)


What a wonderful piece you have created for charity! Excellent, Jeannie!
Have no clue how I missed your last two puzzles. ARGH!

Hope you have a good Thanksgiving. Will be thinking of you.


Thank you Faye!
Hi Pat! Thanks so much!
Beekay, thank you for the 10 stars! How cool! And me too, I was pleased the amount of money it brought it. Thanks.


Very nicely done. I'm glad it raised a nice amount of money at the auction. I just gave you your 10th star.


Beautiful .... Absolutely Beautiful...


WOW! Well done, Jeannie. :)))


At auction tonight, the saw went for $185.00! That will do some good for those in need. :)


Yellowgal! Thanks so much, you are too kind.
But yes, Thanksgiving will be another get through. I'll laugh...I'll cry....

Very, very nice, Ms. LOTL, holy smokes, how blessed you are to be so talented! This is the time of year that I enjoy making the rounds at all the Christmas & holiday Fairs, isn't it fun? I know I'll speak to you before next Thursday, just wanted you to know my thoughts will be with you for Thanksgiving Day :)))


Thank you songbird.

Hi zzup, thank you!

Grandmajojo, that was nice, thanks.

Thank you Faye...even if you did make me wait to play my new guitar. LOL!!!!

Thank you very much snooker!

Thanks Lyndee. I find the old saws at yard sales.

Morris, you are so sweet, thank you.

PLG, thanks, I try to remember to take pictures of all my projects.

Hi Jack! yes you did see this before. Yesterday on facebook, you funny man! LOL! So glad you are feeling better. :)

Thank you octomom. Anything for a good cause.


That is so clever. You're a talented one, Jeannie. Thanks for sharing.


strange, i've seen this before...


Wonderful! Glad you got a picture before dropping it off! Thanks for sharing it with us!


Great job, Jeannie!!


Very nice Healer. Where did you find the old saw??????

Good job, Jeannie! You sure can paint well.


Now you may play with your new guitar! LOL :)))


Well done, Jeannie.

This is wonderful. I would buy it!


You are a gifted Artist! Thanks for this lovely picture puzzle.

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