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Dad Supervising

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  1. CelesteH0:28
  2. flmiller10:29
  3. Gible0:30
  4. like921150:31
  5. shirley680:31
  6. 4811100:32
  7. chookies0:34
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Thank you Celeste


wow nice green grass :)
thanks Pkin


It sure is but as long as he don't over do it. Thanks Shirley


Jacques as they say you can tell the men from the boys from the price of their toys. This toy was a lillte expensive.


Nothing wrong with dad supervising, everyone needs a superviser now and then, good to see Earl up and about, Thanks Pat.


Wonderful toys Pat!


OH dear (laughing) was thinking about all you folks that don't have to store things for the winter when I was typing the tip. Thanks Jan you are the best.


In Florida I have nothing is put in storage for the winter. I just put summer clothing to the back of the closet. It can get warm enough in January and February to wear shorts.


Morris there is times when he does but what out he is like everyone else and does to much. He told me the other day that the pain seems like it comes and goes now.


The only thing is when you store things you have to watch of those little critters called mice. So a tip for anyone that has to deal with them. I take old socks and fill them with moth balls. Place them around the boat and lay one on each of they lawn mowers engine. That keeps the mice from chewing on the electrical wires. Started doing this after we had to pay $150.00 for a part for one of the riding mowers. The man at the repair shop told me to do it. We have never had any problems since.


So the job is done. I'm always happy when that kind of work is done. You never know when the weather is coming to bad. It's a nice idea that everything is stowed away safely, and that the winter can't bring damage. And of course, kids have to do the job but dad should not be dad if he did not supervised. Is the motorhome also in that garage?


That is good to see. He must be feeling pretty good then!


Me too Ardy. Our son and grandson came down saturday and got that done and of course dad had to supervise. Then sunday I helped the hubby get the motorhome winterised.


Ah, yes. The signs of summer being stored for the winter. But I'm glad I live where there are seasons. My one year living in Florida taught me that!! Thanks, Pat.

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