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Sam is sitting on me in my avatar. You can just see the toes of my house shoes in the distance.


When I lie down on the couch, I usually wind up decorated with dogs!


Love it, and it's so true! Happens a lot!




Love this shirt!


Oh YES we have that happen here thank you Ellen


Oh, break down and go find a cat to rescue, Bob! I think your time has come to find a new child. Louis doesn't want you to be alone.


It's not easy. :(


How can you stand being catless, @racoonstar ?


I think I've mentioned this before, but my cat Louis always wanted to sit in my lap, which wasn't possible while I was working from home. We compromised on a stool with a pillow next to my chair. He'd lay on the pillow, and put one paw or sometimes rest his head on my leg while I worked.


I've sat in my recliner listening to the phone ringing off the hook only a few feet away and I won't get up to answer it if Punkin is on my lap. No way. Same thing if someone's at the door. If I'm not expecting anyone and I don't know who it is, her comfort comes first.


Oh yeah........ πŸ’•


I know how that goes. Abby sleeps beside my legs on the recliner. I'll pick her up if I'm getting out of the chair and sometimes she lays her head on my shoulder, and I have to sit a while longer. That's just about the best feeling in the world.


Seems a reasonable excuse to me.


Weird hip sockets, Juba.


I think that cats legs are on backwards.


Excellent excuse - but only IF you have a cat. Otherwise, NO.


Almost as good as ''My dog was on my lap''.


A perfect excuse, don't you think? πŸ˜‰

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