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Made by Nimrod in 1968 for Sears and sold as a Ted Williams pop-up. 10 x 10 Add-a-room. With the loft it was 15' high. Slept 11, i.e., 6 downstairs and with the ladder pulled up, 5 upstairs. The box was only 6 x 10 but kitchen bumped out in back giving more room inside. Torsion spring lift system so I'm not sure which got weaker with time, me or the springs.
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That's awesome, gglgg... you sound like a good dad.


Mischa95 , once I got the routine down, it took an hour to set up everything, including the propane refrigerator in the add-a-room and putting the steaks on the grill.


sounds heavenly. Except it always sucks to pack up a wet tent.


I have an antique tent camper (made around 1938, I think) that looks like a faded green tent on a little blue box when it's up. I could get it up in 7 minutes and down in 9 by myself. Hated having to take it down if it was wet from rain or snow. Not nearly as spacious as this one here, but with a power outlet to plug into, we had a small 'fridge, lights, electric blanket, port-o-pot and most of the comforts one could want. Add 2 or 3 dogs for heating and we were snug as bugs!


Thanks, Mazy and bbandit. The tent camper on steroids. Did this time much time to set up, the expanded version I mean. When I had a rather large tent it took so much time to put up and furnish the camp that we didn't move much.


A canvass mansion, Mazy.


It looks like something from a cartoon that just keeps unfolding and expanding and turns into a mansion!


Oh, I love it!!! Thanks, bbandit and Mazy!!


@Mischa95 @PutterDutt

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