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Cousin Bill

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My dear Cousin Bill passed away Saturday, 4 April 15. He was 79 and a retired Air Canada Pilot.
I will miss him.
Cousin Bill watching John from Mitzi's gas dock hand feeding a pair of Canadian geese on the Detroit river. We had just come back by boat from the Canadian side after having some beers. I was just talking to him the other day , he was coming to Detroit soon to go see Heidi at Charlie's restaurant. He was fond of her when he found out she was from West Virginia. He had been to Wheeling West Virginia some 20+ some times . He called Heidi "West Virginia" .
Picture is about 10 years old.
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Sorry I missed this Jim. My sympathies for you. Glad you yo have this neat photo to hold on to. Hugs from me to you too. Take care now my friend.♥


Evo Thank you so much. Yes he was a good man, loved animals . He was also very generous. Jim

Evo Mnohokrát vám děkuji . Ano , byl to dobrý člověk , miloval zvířata . Byl také velmi štědrý .


Dill ,he had given an envelope to one of his brothers daughters some time ago to be opened upon his death. He was prepared. Jim


Thanks BK , hugs accepted, I Love hugs , Hugs back , Jim


Thanks Cookie , I appreciate that.


Florrie ,That duck was so tame , she has been coming there for years. She got lots of hand outs . That boat house behind where Bill is standing had a hollowed out piling where she laid her eggs.
I have a close up picture of her sitting on 13 eggs that I'll post now. Jim


Lyndee, thank you .

Jim accept my sincere condolences. I see a picture on it and kind man with a good heart. He was a good man, and he loved animals.
Air Canada pilot.
Translator works partly, I know what you're writing about and look at the picture suggests that Bill was a good guy. Honor his memory...

Jime přijměte mou upřímnou soustrast. Vidím obrázek a na něm laskavého člověka s dobrým srdcem. Byl to hodný člověk, měl rád i zvířata.
Pilota Air Canada.
Překladatel funguje částečně, vím přibližně o čem píšete a pohled na snímek napovídá, že Bill byl správný chlap. Čest jeho památce....


Jim, we could never tell when life is going to end, guess cousin Bill had prepared himself for the day and had lived life to his liking. Just be happy that he is already at peace where he is now.


My condolences Jim. I know you thought the world of your cousin. Sending you a hug♥


I would like to extend my condolence to you Jim, on the loss of your dear Cousin Bill.


So sorry for your loss jetmech. It's always so hard to lose a love one. May God Bless.

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