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Oscarsborg Fortress

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The approach to Oslo along Oslo Fjord is guarded by a small fortress. During the invasion of Norway in 1940, the Germans regarded this defense as antiquated and sent the modern heavy cruiser Blucher down the fjord to cover the attack on Oslo with its big guns and to land troops.
Unknown to the Germans, the Norwegians had equipped the fortress with torpedoes and sank the Blucher. The sinking delayed the attack on Oslo long enough for Norway's Royal Family, parliament and cabinet to escape and for Norway's gold reserves to be moved out of reach of the invaders.
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That's right!!


The flag is waving proudly!


Thank you Lorna and Brian. I hope I can go back and see more of Norway one day. ☺☺☺


Great view! ☺☺


Great scenery again. Bye-bye Norway!


Thank you Lunie and Didi!! : )

Dave!!!!!!!!! You're back! That's wonderful. We missed you. : ))


What a great hi-story! I love this photo, too!


Nice one Cathy!


Thank you very much Diana. ☺

Thank you Ank. I'm glad you like the set. And I wish you a good night!! ♥

Thank you for your note Daughter_of_Ullr. ☺

Go Norway!


A great set Cathy. I love them all four. And thanks for the info, that was a setback for the German. ☺♥☺
Have a great day dear. ♥ Hugs♥


Cevas, I love your work!

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