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Fourth Order Fresnel Lens

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In the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum at Whitefish Point, Michigan. Fourth Order lenses are most common on the Great Lakes, though the lighthouse at Whitefish Point uses a Third Order Fresnel Lens (smaller numbers = more power). A still photo can't show the action of light on the prisms properly!

For info on Fresnel lenses, see
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You already found the puzzle with the lighthouse this goes with. If you ever get to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, you'll enjoy the whole lighthouse complex at Whitefish Point. Although the lighthouse is automated now, they've kept up the old buildings (crew quarters, keeper's house, coast guard station), all staffed by knowledgeable guides. In pre-Covid days, a small party could rent a room in the crew quarter's for a night.

And, yes, this doesn't make for an easy puzzle! The lens is so beautiful when you can see light playing with it, though, that I couldn't resist posting it.


Tough one but fun I do all lighthouses

You would love a special program at Whitefish Point--ordinarily, you can reserve one of five rooms in the restored crew quarters for an overnight stay. During the pandemic, this is not available, but they're hoping to reopen it in 2021.

I love everything about lighthouses. Thank-you.

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