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Tyr - Oh, this smells good!!

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  1. rahan12120:51
  2. liertje19780:57
  3. jbreba1:10
  4. popie1:22
  5. tisketsmum1:24
  6. Impie1:25
  7. HMP11:28
  8. julied1:31
  9. babray1:33
  10. soo1:36


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Samozřejmě, Ivar2012!!
Of course, Ivar2012!!

Oh no, Pammi, we didn't mean to give you a fright!!! ☺☻☺

How did you know, Impie?! ☺☻☺

cbmuller, I think Tyr is a pretty toy too!!! ☺☻☺


What a pretty toy!


After such a thorough sniff inspection I bet your rainbow toy did get quite wet, didn't it Tyr? ☺♥☺

(so sweet♥)


Tyr, you gave me a huge fright. For one awful moment, I thought you were about to bite on a chilli pepper and I'm here yelling " No, no, no, don't". Phew! Almost forgot to say it's lovely to see you up and about, lovely boy. ♥☺♥


To musí být vůně!
It must be the smell!

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