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Waiting no more :-)

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24 pieces
36 solves
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  1. Hasli0:35
  2. perleblanche0:39
  3. fox661l0:39
  4. alias2v0:41
  5. ullauhrskov0:42
  6. Ianto0:45
  7. mariolyn0:45
  8. Kebawe0:46
  9. grimric0:49
  10. Igelnasen0:50


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LOL PW and Alias



More like a waitress.

I think she is a waiter.

Sad, but true.


Exatcly Ianto, but they take away the normal services as waitingrooms and toilets at stations :-))))

Very true. But it would be nice to be inside if the weather is bad.


She is, but more trains and busses now a days Ianto :-))))

Now she is stuck outside.


I have no idea PW :-)))))

Train or bus I guess Ianto :-)))))

If bored counting bricks can help time passing Watchmann :-))))


Since I don't see a sign that said 9 3/4. So what is she waiting for? Counting bricks and mortar lines?

What was the wait for?


How long has the room been waiting?


The room is no more Rebecca. I guess there are more trains driving now than before :-))))

She is Raaike, but during the cold and windy season it can be cold though :-))))


Fortunately, she is under a shelter, so that she does not get wet when it rains. :-))) ♥


She's waiting for the room to be built?

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