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Rocks we picked up along the way

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There are TWO things my darling wife will pick up along the way. One are these rocks and this was a small load and the other are any BOX that catches her eye. The boxes can also be converted into fire starters.
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Whew! Glad to hear that, pg. Wouldn't want the desert to suffer a rock shortage.


Possum if that was in the little car we would still be where we started. It's a lot easier to carry her box collections then her ROCK collections. Her, "SOME" rocks comprised of several boxes but I must say she did leave a few behind.


This little car must have been draggin' its fanny with that loada rocks.


Ardy, I brought some of the special ones from Illinois to SC. And then transport them and some I collected on our trips to New Mexico. The movers were the lucky ones. They got to carry them, not me! haha
These particular rocks are not special. We got them because the soil around the tree is eroding and it's a cheap solution. We need a few more loads.
I was in the shower while he moved them from he car. Otherwise, I'd have been out there helping. It was a beautiful day and I don't blame him for wanting to be outside. ❤


We transported a few boxes of rocks when we moved and she is starting to make this location lean a little to the left. We have "A" tree in the center of the yard and we are going to encircle it with rocks we collect from several areas in NM. I just hope we do not slide down the side of this hill with the extra weight. Picking them up is one thing moving them to the back of the property is another. Guess who gets to move them????


That haul would have been a good days work out, they are not lightweight rocks, yes I remember Sandy being a rock collector. Thanks, Richard.


So, are you going to make a rock garden?


Rich, Sandy has collected rocks since I first became aware of her and her puzzles. She had a big collection an d special ones other brought or sent to her. Always wondered what happened to them when she moved to be with you. I imagine by now you are very used to her collections. ☺ Thanks, Rich.

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