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Vintage Fruit Crate Labels Depicting California Missions last batch

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  1. bibigo41:23
  2. PrairieLily42:08
  3. dotshell47:38
  4. webpeggy49:51
  5. Manu_K50:35
  6. lcarr56:11
  7. Iluv2laugh1:00:03
  8. BuzzNutley1:03:32
  9. canaussie1:07:02
  10. Miri651:12:22


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All these pretty fruit crate labels, each a little work of art, and always so interesting, too. As usual, thank you so much, Grandmapegs.


PG, glad you enjoy the labels. There is and Jigideer, user name waxwing who use to do Fruit crate label puzzles. If you look her up and go back to her earlier puzzles she has some great labels. I used to love doing her puzzles. Wish she still did the fruit crate labels puzzles.

I agree with dotshell when she said "some enjoyable puzzle time". I loved working on this and I too find it interesting to read the finished labels. Thank you for this.


Dotty, your comments are always appreciated. You are welcome.


This is really a lovely set of labels and frames. I loved the pink frame because it was unexpected. I also loved the bottom left frame. Thanks for some enjoyable puzzle time! Dotty


Peggy, mini works of art.


These are interesting to look at after solving.

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