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Retired U.S. Marine Corps dog Lucca

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Gunnery sergeant Christopher Willingham, of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA, poses with retired US Marine dog Lucca, after receiving the PDSA Dickin Medal, awarded for animal bravery, equivalent of the Victoria Cross, at Wellington Barracks in London, Tuesday, April 5, 2016. The 12-year-old German Shepherd lost her leg on 23 March 2012, in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, when Lucca discovered a 30lb improvised explosive device (IED) and as she searched for additional IEDs, a second device detonated, instantly loosing her front left leg. Lucca completed over 400 separate missions in Iraq and Afghanistan during six years of active service protected the lives of thousands of troops, with her heroic actions recognised by the UK's leading veterinary charity, PDSA, with the highest award any animal in the world can achieve while serving in military conflict.

Service dogs were reclassified from "equipment" to "personnel".
They had to make the change because under the Army's original classification, these dogs were being left in overseas war zones.
On 29 January 2014, after a push to get the military to reclassify Military Working Dogs (MWDs) from “excess equipment” to “K9 service Member of the Armed Forces” and to help get MWDs Medical Benefits after retirement.
Fun fact - Hearsay: Service dogs are given a rank one higher than their handler, so that their handlers treat them with extra care/respect.
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These dogs are wonderful and deserve to come home and be in a wonderful, loving
home, just as our soldiers. She is a beautiful dog.

So sad these beautiful, brave animals get injured. Every effort should be made to recognise their service and they should be given the same kind of devotion in their retirement.

Beautiful picture!

love the picture, and the trusting look the dog is giving the soldier.. thank you and the dog for your service...

Beautiful dog! Thank you for your service, Lucca! You deserve your medal and a peaceful retirement!

I wonder how many dogs were left overseas when classified as equipment and whether or not they were left with members of the armed forces or left as strays to fend for themselves!

God bless him .

More proof that they are mans best friend.

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5 July 2021 - 29 September 2014
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