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186_4338 Helmeted Guineafowl, Numida meteagris, Numididae

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This lives at my daughter's place - they are good at warning of the approach of Wedge-tailed eagles & other creatures that might attack!!!!
Guineafowl eat seeds and invertebrates. They roost in trees at night and make their nests on the ground. Guineafowl can fly, but they are very fast runners and usually run to escape danger. They are also known as guineahens and have been domesticated in some places and raised for food.
They come from western, northeastern and southern Africa.
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Kate, my sister had five of these (all males) on her acreage south of Taree. She called them her "watchdogs" (thank you, Beekay) because of the racket they made when snakes or goannas approached the house. And at night they roosted in a nearby tree. ♥♥♥


Glad I was of some help, Dilubreuer!!!! Thanks for visiting!


Hi fodus! How was your trip? Thanks for visiting!


Hello jacki! Yes, I agree jacki - not the most glamorous birds!! Thanks for visiting!


Hello ktheg! They certainly need some space! Thanks for visiting!


Hello Beekay! Yes, they certainly are!! It sounds like they're saying "Come back, come back...." One day I happened to come across a program about African animals & the guy talking about the birds said that was what they were saying!!!????


Good you posted this Kate, i have forgotten the id of this and my photo of them are still on queue. I will post it later. Tfs.


We came across a bunch of these on one of our trips.


we have a different one here. not the prettiest of birds, but their plumage is beautiful.

Gorgeous creatures. I had four including two lavenders who raised 17 chicks. Unfortunately needed more space than I was able to provide so I had to move them on. Loved their racket.


They really are good watch dogs!

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