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Halo is now the official dog of the Upland Police Department,

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Rags 2 Riches Animal Rescue had a very special adoption today! Halo is now the official dog of the Upland Police Department! Look how happy she is!
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What a lovely pit. My pit bull mix is just beautiful like this sweet girl Halo. Pitties raised by kind, loving people are the best dogs. So sweet and they love to cuddle and give kisses.


I just read this on Dodo. I say good for them, and her.


She sure does look happy, and I'm happy for her.


That smile says it all☺️

She's lovely!

How absolutely wonderful!!! ... What an amazing thing to happen...all those people for her to love now, and to love her back...I need a Kleenex... Sherry :))))))))


Yea, Halo!!!! You made it! Super job, and congrats to the Upland Police Department for getting another rookie officer who will definitely make a difference for your department. She looks SO happy. Sherry

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