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Adriaen van de Velde. (Dutch painter,1636-1672). 63 pieces inside.

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Cattle and Goats in a Meadow, 1658.
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He Iris, it took some time to come back here but I was busy. Tomorrow there are three birthday girls, and I had to make the cards. ☺ That's done now. ♥
Yes our pets are family, and Micky was like a child for me. Now almost 3 weeks later I can talk about her without crying. She is in dogs heaven now. Without illness and that is good.
Yes I also think of you as a new friend. You know, we are one big family here. Welcome as a new part of it. ♥ Now I have to run, I have a busy day. ☺
Hugs ♥


I have been hearing about Micky and saw the tribute puzzle. Right now your dear heart is broken. I remember how I felt every time I lost one of my cats. Our pets are family and the loss is devastating. Take care dear new friend. I count you as a friend now. Smiles of encouragement and caring to you! I shall visit Micky2002. Having only been Jigidi member since early March I am still learning about the wonder pages and members on this site.


Yes right, I have both worlds. I'm not a city girl, but it's easy to have the city close if you need it.
I try to smile, but actually I'm very sad at the moment. My little doggy passed away two weeks ago. It's hard to get used to that. She had her own profile on Jigidi, maybe you like to take a look. Micky2002
Have a great day. ♥☺♥


That is great that you get to enjoy some of both worlds. The peace of a country day and the bustling business of city life too. It sure is fun talking to you! Grins and smiles!


O yes. I know what you mean. I live in a city with 100,000 inhabitants. But I live at the very South. In the opposite of my house I see a farm house. There is not many farmers work anymore. But it is nice to hear and see chickens, mini sheep, a horse, some cows. Then if I look farther I see a village. It's great to live here. We used to live in the busy west, I'm very glad we moved to spend our retired life in a better place. ☺ Wish you a lot of smiles too. ☺ Ank ☺♥☺


Hi puzzeljac! I love the country side feel to this one. My town is near farm areas and I never tire of seeing the various animals in the fields. My favorite place to by flower and vegetable plants every spring is on a mini farm with animals all over. Have a day with smiles in it!


Good, I hope you liked it. ☺♥☺

Done x


Thanks friends. Wow Hanne "sacrilege", I don't know. Actually I don't think so. Unless Bent will paint angels and so in it. ☺☺☺


I do like his animals and the tree SO much - BUT if this had been a photo I would have asked Bent to make the sky a little bit more interesting now that there is SO much of it!! Is it sacrilege??? LOL Thanks so very much Ank! :-)))


A lovely pastoral scene ☺☺


Thanks girls. ♥


That poor dead tree won't be standing much longer with the cows rubbing up against it!! It looks like shade or no shade, it is a favorite spot to rest!! Beautiful, thank you Ank!! :)


What a delightful painting and scene. Thanks Ank.


Thanks Patty. ♥♥♥


Just gorgeous


Thanks Nev Linda and Linda.
I think you are right about that tree Linda.


Nev, that tree looks as if it was struck by lightning many years previously.

This is a charming painting. The bullock rubbing his neck against the tree trunk is particularly well captured. The landscape is superbly portrayed. Great sense of perspective!
Thank you, Ank. ♥


Interesting picture. Lots of sky, muted colors and lots of details. Love the tree!


I must admit that that's the most interesting tree I have ever seen. I wonder what happened to it? ♥♥♥

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