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,,,,\ᕫ/,,,, Tulips ,,,,\ᕫ/,,,,

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  1. Dclo0:14
  2. perleblanche0:16
  3. emilym0:18
  4. Ianto0:18
  5. LadyDonna10:20
  6. JillianB0:20
  7. dobrajaneckova0:22
  8. patten0:22
  9. Robbos0:22
  10. Dulsineja0:23


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.... comes for your pleasure Marina. Thank you for stopping by me ♥:))


jandchris, thank you very much, I'm really pleased that you like it ♥:))


Beautiful pinks..


Lovely, thank you.


Dear Dasa, I hope I brought you some joy with my tulips today, the weather is cold here too and we will have to wait for photos of this year's flowers. So far, I'm finding them in the archive and bringing the spring, at least virtually. What's your foot doing, it's a little better, are you used to it little bit? I wish you a fast healing, thank you for coming today and I am looking forward to tomorrow. I wish you a peaceful night ♥:))

Dear Deanna, I'm already here. Today's tulips are very beautiful. You can make happy.
What's the weather like? Quite cold and cloudy here. I hope you are well. I wish you a pleasant evening and look forward to tomorrow. Take care, my friend. ♥♥♥


Jill, I added this pink because I missed the fourth tulip "to the company", you know this one for sure, I gave it to you once and I'm happy to do it again. Long live the pink !!! ♥:))


The life the suns rays have given this pretty one.

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