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Early male Bluebird

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Mmmmmmmmm! That sunshine really feels good!
This was taken from inside the house at least 30 feet away. I hope they decide to nest here again.
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Happy to share, Monica and happy you enjoy him. :-))


Ohhhhhhh he's adorable, once again I wish we had these guys where we live! Their just so very beautiful and so sweet-sounding! Thanks again for sharing yours with us! ':-P

Tex, you are so right. Even when they divebomb me for sneaking a peak at the babies, they make the cutest tweeting noise and don't really come very close. Maybe they know I am also the one putting out the mealworms. ;-))) Thanks for enjoying them.

Tooney, you have that backwards. English Sparrows not only take over Bluebird nests, but will break the eggs, kill the young and even pierce the skulls of the parents! It is legal to destroy English Sparrow nests and eggs, even to trap and dispose of them. Traps are sold online.


They're beautiful birds on the outside but rather mean on the inside. They kick other birds out of the nests they built and take them over!


These are about the prettiest birds on the planet, I think! Thanks, Angelbender.

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