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Household Tip 35

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Good morning one and all, this is a theme that I am returning too, I hope you find at least some of these household tips useful.

No-Mess Epoxy Mixer. For quick, thorough mixing of two-part epoxy, put the components in a bag and knead them together. Punch a small hole in the bag to make a neat dispenser.
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Thank you one and all :))

LOL :))


Great idea if done carefully and wisely. Thanks Bonnie.


The epoxy glue would certainly hold things together - like cup handles and fingers.


LOL :)) :))


Unless you are in an industrial area.


Guess I will stick (pun intended) with the non industrial stuff :)


Mostly more industrial stuff. As it reacts, it creates heat. Can easily melt Styrofoam cup, thin plastic bags, etc...


Really, I didn't know that!


Good point, racoon, then, you also need to make sure the epoxy does not generate enough heat to melt said bag (some do)...


My epoxy is on a shelf in the garage in an old tobacco tin. Plastic bags of varying sizes are in a kitchen drawer :))


A great suggestion, except first you have to find the epoxy, and then you have to find a bag. :(


You are most welcome Ardy :))


Thanks, Bonnie.


LOL I'd do that too, if I owned a microwave!


I remember that I used to make honeyed carrots like that in the microwave. Chop the carrots. Put them in a freezer or oven bag. Add some butter and honey. Cook. Shake. Done! (❛ᴗ❛)


I can't believe I have never thought of it.

I do use a plastic bag to flour coat meat to stewing :)) Also to marinade as its easy to toss and turn around every so often :))


OMG. That's brilliant, Bonnie! (❛ᴗ❛)

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