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Lady of the Lake playing with Pieces of Light open mic night.

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It was cool playing with these two guys tonight.
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  1. like921150:09
  2. era40:11
  3. chickiemama0:11
  4. jntleman0:12
  5. Harno0:14
  6. Ianto0:15
  7. JM_Cookie0:15
  8. janibacsi0:16
  9. Robbos0:16
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Jeannie, music is so healing. I haven't picked up my guitar for about 2yrs but you've inspired me. So glad you were able to enjoy playing with fellow musicians.


Hi Lia, thanks, and so sorry for your loss as well. Birthday the same day!!! How about that!

Yellowgal, thank you, and Happy Easter to you too!

HAPPY EASTER to Jeannie, Rockie, and Fancy . . . . hope you have a good day!!!


Hello Healer, we haven't met often yet on jigidi. I see and read that you are healing your pain (as I am). You have to do it yourself, you know, but with a little help of your (music)-friends, it is easier! We both have our birthday same day! I am sure there will be a birthdaycard for you on that day on jigidi! You look great on this photo!


I am laughing so hard right now!!!!!
Hi Yellowgal, they are nice, and really tall!!!
Hi Faye, I do look short, but I'm really 5'6" tall! Really! LOL!
Mimi hi, how are you? I keep myself busy...
JM! What am I going to do with you??? Vertically challenged! LOL! Would somebody get me a chair to stand on????
Thanks Treker...I will I promise! Love doing it!


Play on!..........


She not short, just Vertically Challenged.


Fun to see, thanks for sharing! ☺


Hee hee...Short Stuff! :)))

My vote goes for the Lady Lake Trio . . . looks like all are enjoying a fun evening. Handsome guys there Jeannie : )))


Hi Chickie, Hi Morris. Thanks. I was feeling some better and decided to get out. I had a good time, it was fun. I was home by 11:00 PM, and TIRED!


It does look like you were having a great time, Jeannie!!


Hi Jeannie. Looks like you're having a great time. ♥

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