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286b large

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  1. louloublue15:08
  2. redwine73116:04
  3. rubyparadise19:27
  4. Loren22920:29
  5. aja8921:25
  6. leahrenpel21:28
  7. Huggorm22:00
  8. shadowfax22:49
  9. stones23:43
  10. Clavis25:35


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Hi Olya, I probably shouldn't even look at these ones


Thank you, June! I love the whirly effect! So sorry to hear you are under attack from vertigo this week :(


thanks Anne, I have learned to appreciate the cold, which it is. since the bit of warm weather made me poorly for the last 6 weeks. This week I am suffering from vertigo.


Hi June. While these all appeal bottom left has a colour blend I love and bottom middle and top middle just have pattern vibes. Thanks. Hope not too cold for you. We have 11-13C for the last few days. Nice and chilly. Brrrr!


good morning chilisand


Those were wonderful! Thank you.


Hi adict and Glenys, such exotic sounding places and snow, how nice


Oh Adict - I was in Turangi helping my daughter shift house from one street to another. Now she has great views of the mountains surrounding Turangi and they are all covered in snow - so close you can almost touch them. The staff at the cafe where we were having breakfast were so excited to see snow lightly falling in the town itself, all rushed outside into it and did a little dance in the flakes, before coming back inside the cafe, back to work. What a great memory for me! Hope your grand-daughter enjoys her snow play on her way back to Taupo. :)

The same day that Astrojoy had her snow experience my almost 4 (In Oct) october was running around their property a little out of Palmerston North trying to catch snowflakes. Yesterday (Thursday) My daughter and grand-daughter travelled from Taupo to Palmerston and were in snow flurries just out of Taihape. My grand-daughter is going to be allowed to play in the snow on the way back to Taupo.
Too hard to pick a fav. I love piecing whirligigs together.


must have been very odd to see snow for the first time


I'm back June after a few days away helping my daughter shift house (again!). I even got to experience light snow flurries falling on me out of a bright sunny sky - first time in my life to see snow fall. Woo Hoo! And what a great puzzle to come back to - these are simply AWESOME designs June - I LOVE THEM ALL!


thanks selja and Gail


These are fun swirlies, June. Thank you:)



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