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Purples In My Garden. Smaller.

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Some of my purple flowers which enjoyed our recent rain.

Top: This is called a Potato Vine (Solanum crispum) and it has so many bunches of flowers now. It's climbing all over a small tree.

Middle: My Duranta "Geisha Girl" has loved the rain too.

Bottom: My snail vine (Vigna caracalla) also flowering well after the rain.
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Barb we have the purple version of that in my garden and I pull them out! It began with one plant and now has spread its seeds all over my gardens. Yes perfect for you I guess. I have never seen the pink or white. Thanks and hugs dear friend. ♥☺♥


Thanks so much Allie, if you read my comment below to Shirley, you will see how I got my Snail vine. The potato vine just popped up so must have come in as a tiny tuber with another plant, but I'm guessing it's a VERY large tuber now. My favourite colour too. Hugs dear friend. ♥♥♥


Love your purples, Janet. I only have one purple blooming in my garden and that is a Ruelia simplex. I have it in purple, pink and white and in large and mini sizes. This plant is an invasive one that is hated in Florida and any tropical place that has lots of rain. But those qualities are just perfect for me because I can grow and bloom it in the desert!! LOL Hugs my friend ☺♥♥


Lovely collage Janet :-)) I've got the first 2 but not the snail vine which I have never seen for sale here. Not that I have any more space for another vine!!! Beautiful colour scheme - my favourite colour :-) xxx


Thanks so much Sissel, hugs my friend. ♥♥


Thank you so much Janet and hugs :-))))


Thanks Irena and greetings to you too my friend. Hugs. ♥♥


Thanks so much Daasha, hugs to you my friend. ♥♥♥


I love it thanks Nev, I will think of that as I prune my Durantas. Hugs my friend ♥♥♥


Thanks so much Anny, hugs my friend. ♥♥


Beautiful, Greetings to you Janet 🏵️🏵️🏵️

Amazing flowers, Janet...beautiful collage...thanks and hugs my friend. ♥♥♥


Janet, there was a very old (in the 1930s, I think) Marx Brothers movie called A Day At The Races where Groucho played a medical doctor called Dr. Hackenbush. So now when Marge does her annual prune on the Duranta this is known as a "hack-in-the-bush". :-))) ♥♥♥


Beautiful Purple Flowers Thank you Janet. Hugs xx


Thanks Gazbo, cheers to you. Janet.


Thanks Nev, yes I give the Durantas a good prune in winter to let the sun in onto the gardens. I have several Geisha Girls, some of the pale lilac ones and some white ones. Hugs my friend and welcome back. ♥♥♥


Thanks Shirley, this Potato vine is getting huge now. The snail vine started from a tiny piece that my Dad rescued MANY years ago, when it had been growing over the town public toilets and I had admired it many times, and the council workmen ripped it off to refurbish the toilets. Dad bought me home a tiny piece and away it went. I have three now. Yes the butterflies and bees love the Geisha Girl. Hugs my friend. ♥♥♥

Very pretty Jan.


Janet, a superb collage of purple flowers in your garden. We have a purple Duranta which has finished flowering now, so is ready to be pruned. And the more vicious we are with the pruning, the better it flowers the following season. ♥♥♥


I didn't know the Potato Vine came in this lovely shade of purple, I have had the white flowering one, Yes my Geisha Girl is flourishing at the moment too, the birds and butterflies love it, I don't know the snail vine that well but I love those pretty lilac flowers, Thanks, Janet ♥♥♥


Thanks so much putem, hugs. ♥


Thanks Val, yes the potato vine comes in pink too, but this is my only one. It's grew exponentially with the rain. I love purple flowers too. Hugs my friend ♥♥♥


Thanks redina, hugs to you. ♥

They are all beautiful.


Janet just love the purple flowers, we have potato vine in white, hardly ever see the flowers as Jim keeps the Archway clipped, your garden must be so pretty after your rain Hugs my friend ♥♥♥


Pretty. Thanks. :)


Thanks Jacki, hugs to you my friend. ♥


A lovely collection of purple, Janet. Thank you and hugs


Thanks Jill, I love purple flowers. Hugs to you my friend. ♥


All looking so beautiful, love the different tones of purple, so pretty. Thanks and hugs


Thanks Gail, I have a Canon Power Shot and I love it. I've had it for quite a few years now. Hugs to you. ♥


Your flowers are so beautiful and you take awesome photos. What kind of camera do you use?

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