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This is Nyakim Gatwech, a South Sudanese model, whose stunning pictures have earned her the internet's love and the nickname 'Queen of Darkness.' Nyakim currently lives in the United States, and is pursuing a career in modelling. She has more than 50,000 Instagram followers, who she always encourages to embrace their skin colour and body. She uses her account to talk about body positivity and being not only comfortable, but proud, in one's skin. Nyakim has also spoken up about bullying and the negative reactions she receives from people about her natural skin colour
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  1. Dclo2:23
  2. ulyses13:01
  3. chelebeau3:13
  4. fragment713:27
  5. mlmccoy3:30
  6. SmartFox3:33
  7. JEANNE20033:33
  8. Jademccall3:36
  9. Wurm3:44
  10. Mudiooch3:52


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She is stunning! Thank you for posting


She is truly beautiful in character/soul and body*!*


Totally agree, jonbee- From what l read about her she has a great deal of work and is well known, as is evident in the description l posted above-


She's beautiful - I wish people could get past color, that lady would be gorgeous no matter what color!!!


I'm with you, eagleboi!


She has the poise and looks to be a super model, and apparently the strength and determination to be, and show who she is. You go girl.


Evidently she is highly popular, there are so many pictures of her on the web-
Good morning, Betty and Fiona- l wish you a lovely day-


@myself1935, she is stunning! And I always thought David Bowie got lucky for meeting Iman. :-D


Some women have the looks to make themselves look great no matter what they wear..."Not I".


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