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Still carrying his camera gear!

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Porcupine Mountains - Upper Peninsula - Michigan
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  1. Dilubreuer1:10
  2. era41:15
  3. Shian21:28
  4. ebkrueg1:29
  5. Robbos1:34
  6. lelabugosi1:35
  7. holica1:39
  8. mariolyn1:40
  9. alansnell1:42
  10. libiohac1:43


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He was being his usual kidding self, Becca. I understood what you meant. :) He changed it to mean waiting. Believe me, it took a long time to understand his kidding. ❤


:-) the lovely scene reminded me of the wonderful childhood afternoons wading and playing in the creek that meandered through our property tracing the base of "our" mountain. It was a compliment. Didn't mean to offend. At least you and I are kindred spirits.


Becca, I would have waded in the stream, but I didn't have my flip flops on, just hiking boots.
Mumbling will get you nowhere, young man!


First the Stream was not wading for anyone Becca48.
Pumpkinhead I was not whining I was mumbling and things that can not be typed on this site.


You did well not giving in to his chronic whining and moaning, chickster. Way to make him Man Up!!!


Thank you Shirley, Ardy & Becca48!


Wading upstream. . . .


Sandy, what a beautiful photo. It's so peaceful, serene. Love it. Thank you.


Wow they are beautiful surroundings, Thanks for the beautiful pictures, Sandy.
Tell Richard he can have a rest soon there is a large log up ahead. :):)


Many thank you's just what the doctor ordered. I can again face the slings and arrows.


Too funny, lela!
Being in nature is our happy place, Noahsr. photogent likes to whine and lela is humoring him! Check out pg's puzzles!


There you are..........blessings from Bonga-Bonga...........


I was cast off since I was of no use anymore. I would eat worms but they are needed for the soil. Lela could you find it in your heart to give a poor depressed husband a sip of Tadpole wine????


Sad? In such blissful surroundings! No way.


Such a sad, lonely figure!

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