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well done clive and hello iris xx glad you joined us ♥♥♥


Delightfull Sparky.......13:50.


Delicious fun! grins!☺


Dear friends ☺ so wonderful to see you all at this delicious high tea - bigelow lemon lift and double bergamot earl grey and hot water with fresh sliced lemon is on the menu too as well breakfast tea. I love the scones and strawberry jam and fresh whipped cream - boy am i drooling for some right now and maybe a slice of that yummy looking chocolate cake too - of course it is almost my bedtime so i will have to eat them in my dreams ☺☺☺ hugs to you all ♥♥♥


Oh Trish you sound like my wife and her friend both drink hot water but no lemon but they both drink coffee at times odd. LOL!!!


Well Sparklightie - I'm the odd one out! Boo hoo. I don't drink tea or coffee - cant stand the smell or taste, so I'm just a cup-a hot water with a slice of lemon. Or just cold water. Nice puzzle, reminded me of the years I lived in London. Thank you for creating this for us all :)


Thank you, Sparkly (Can I call you that?)! AS for tea, I have lately developed a preference for a Double Bergamot Earl Grey made by Stash Tea from here in Portland, OR.

Bigelow Lemon Lift is my all time favorite, sweetened with honey. Had three cups this morning. :)


I am already there, enjoying a British High Tea ;-)

Thank you, Sparky for the invitation :-)

Best regards, Jason.


And mine Sparky.


lots of breakfast tea in my cupboard ☺☺☺


Bookmarked for later.
But any black or breakfast tea for me.


hi dear kw3sta - i will definitely try for you ♥♥♥ and i love earl grey tea dear renlea xx glad you enjoyed this xx the other one i posted tonight - village paths is a quilt ♥♥♥

Thanks for such a lovely puzzle! A quilter I follow on YouTube recommended a combination of one teabag each of Tetley's British Blend and Earl Grey for "the best cuppa ever". Just ordered the British Blend from Amazon, anxious to give it a try. Have to dig out a teapot, so used to just making tea a cup at a time.


OOOH! I like this delicious image! Can I please have a larger size?