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Autumn Medley! (medium)

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Kirsten - why is it that so many of my puzzles remind people of food? Is it because I am on this strict eating regimen and my own yearning for goodies is creeping into the puzzles.......HMMMMM that is awfully philosophical! Go eat your brekkie, second brekkie, lunch, etc. I'll stick with my gruel and water!!! ROFL


Oooh, I like your Autumn medleys, Jan. I don't know why but the top left reminds me of marmalade!! Must be time for my breakfast! And I love the bottom left, which reminds me of our favourite tree bark!! Thanks for the fun. And now I'm off to have some brekky. I'm hungry for some strange reason ................... LOL


Hester - you can spin a tale as well as anyone, I'm sure! Thanks so much for your comments here! :D

Ardy - I will have plenty for Christmas. You know me and the kaleido-spinner... we are very close! LOL


Don't quit now, Hester. This storyteller is having a not so good day. But I loved the puzzle. The colors are wonderful. Some of these could be held over for Christmas: top middle and right and bottom left and right. Thanks, Jan.


Great medley again, Jan! I love the black cicadas holding a silver rope, middle left. Top right has fiery red cats with curled tails keeping a watchful eye over their kittens! I'll leave the rest to our resident story teller! :-)


Jan, my computer wouldn't come on this morning. I finally got it to cooperate about 9:45 my time just in time for me to have to leave. Back later. Puzzle looks great.


Mariasha - let's hope it was YOU who made the pie. I have the feeling it would be even yummier! Make mine blackberry or apple or pumpkin or a berry mix. Actually the best on I ever had was a tiny place on the coast and they made a cashew/cumquat pie! AMAZINGI!!
I must go get breakfast (obviously) LOL


Barb - only a couple left! But, none of these were actually made from fall items. They were just the right colors! LOL
Thanks so much!

The middle one looks like some kind of pie...clearly, I'm always hungry in the morning. Thanks Jan.


Absolutely lovely, Jan! I like the way you keep coming up with more autumn surprises, thanks. :-)

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