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Tundra Swans

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Tundra swans on the Detroit river , I took this with a 35 mm camera with a star filter probably 10 years ago. One swan was camera shy ,its hiding its head under water.
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BK , I loved your shot , and thought you may like to see the restored carousel at Greenfield village. Jim.


Floyd , I had a lot of slides turned to prints , copied them to the computer, I know what you mean, they do fade and discolor.


Florrie , your pretty , but if you looked like me you would run away from a camera.


Thank you for the great link you left on my carousel puzzle. I really,really enjoyed it !


Swans are great to see and photograph.
I used to try some special effects on my 35mm,
most of them were slides and have now faded.
Thank you Jim.


Thanks BK, Every now and then I miss our boat when I was out on the river early in the morning, it was so peaceful. Jim.


Eva, I think I know why the swan hid too , but it shouldn't have .Maybe it remembered it didn't like to be photographed in a past life even though it was beautiful then too. Jim


Hi Janet, There were thousands of those swans in some of the more remote areas on the river. They never went out on the shipping lanes. Hugs back dear friend. Jim


jacki2 , thanks for stopping by.


Hi Neville, ,I've lost many good pictures when the computer crashed some time ago. I use to like trying special effects.


Hi Nicky,, I bet it was mesmerizing, they are such graceful birds. Jim


Very calming and peaceful photo. The star filter is nice here. Thanks for posting it!

Beautiful shot of beautiful birds, thanks to Jim.

Photography has a special warm light. I think I know why one swan hid before photographing.


Fabulous photo thanks Jim, especially considering its age. This is a beautiful scene. hugs dear friend, Janet


wonderful shot. thank you for sharing it.


Gorgeous, jetmech. Thank you. I once went to a moonlit swan feed with a friend at the Welney Wetland and Wild Fowl Trust. It was mesmerising!

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