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Suzie-Q v2

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From an earlier puzzle I did, this is Suzie. Sadly I had to put her down last night, her bad heart valve finally caught up to her after 3 and a half years. You would have never known she had any problems without being told.
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  1. Jonigirl6:24
  2. pauleysteph6:43
  3. AScott6:44
  4. andytay9997:08
  5. hbl7:40
  6. tonloke5810:03
  7. AllWaysBell10:47
  8. bhelen11:25
  9. babababa18:21
  10. JanetMacD22:41


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I am so very sorry for your loss, she looked like such a sweet girl. Been through it
many times, my last dog was almost 16 & my present dog is 11. It breaks my heart
each and every time. I hope all your wonderful memories can console you, I know
mine did. They may be gone, but never forgotten. She will go over the Rainbow
Bridge & meet all the other lovely dogs. God Bless..


OHHH, HOW SAD!!! My husband and I had to put our beloved cat, "MISTER", down, last week! He had a massive brain tumor and there was no way to save him! With tears in my eyes, I feel your pain and I am truly sorry for your loss! (Rest in peace, beautiful Suzie!)


Sorry to hear about your loss! It is tough but at least with our pets we have a humane option.
Keep remembering the great three and a half years you had. She was a cutie.


So sorry you had to put your beloved pet to sleep. We had to have our best buddy Stanley put to sleep 2 weeks ago. He began having seizures which ultimately turned out to be a brain tumor. Sadly nothing could to be done. Believe me, I feel your pain. Kalola

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