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Bright Coloured/Colored Squares..... Sunnies Required.... (Quickie Size).....

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36 pieces
155 solves
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  1. foxymoron1:13
  2. teegee1:25
  3. evina561:28
  4. jangel1:28
  5. pilgriminca1:29
  6. jenjig1:31
  7. javasage1:31
  8. lindaisling1:32
  9. Malta1:35
  10. milas1:40


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You Wally, that's not what we remember... We thought we were on the Queen Mary.... Homemade jam, potato salad, sugar cookies.... All we remember was yummy eats and good times.... Don't remember and dry ham, so Charlie's off the hook.... :) :)

Really hope he sees toes and shoelaces again. Next time C doesn't get to cook the ham and dry it out and there will be more variety. I missed the boat on the food last time. My apologies. :)


Thanks Shirley.... Hope you slept well... Glad you liked the bright... :) :)

By happy coincidence I just finished a cup of tea.... Good to see you and good to know you enjoyed the bright blocks.... :) :)

Thanks for noticing the signature Francine... You do inspect closely my friend.... Me too, love to check out the little details... :):)

I pretty much only do the 36 or less sizes.... Otherwise I can't come close to solving all the ones I want.... Too much good stuff on Jigidi... And then there's reading the comments.... With their LOLs all over the place.... Thanks JB :) :)

Thanks Ank... We tied... 2:25 my time exactly.... :) :)

You got me by over half a minute ?nauts.... You speedster... Glad you enjoyed.... :) :)

Speaking of comments snooker.... Y'all have been on a roll lately, the timing and the wit, perfecto... Gets a bit tricky reading the comments with tears running down your face... Good to know Bandit is having fun... He may see shoelaces yet again.... :) :)

Like the colored balls too. Bandit is chasing them around the room since he doesn't have shoe laces and toes to go after now. :)


Oh yes, these colourful blocks are terriific (1:52).


Very nice to solve, but this quickie took me 2:25.


Fun little "quickie" size. Bright, bold and wonderful 3D. Thanks so much!!


With even your multi-coloured signature. Good finishing touch.


I do love blocks and squares and bright colors, my cup of tea!


Thanks for these bright building blocks, Sally, could only make it to the tenth place, blink and I'll be gone, Thanks Sally, good night I'm off to bed now.

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