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Fairy by the Water E-card (Ex. Small)

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©2020 Kyrin.
A digitally enhanced photograph of one of my fairy figurines, who I placed in the garden of violas one sunny afternoon. She is meant to be sitting beside a geode, but here, it looks more like water.

I confirm that I made this digital image from my own photograph. No unauthorised use of this image allowed without prior written permission of the artist. If you wish to use this image on your web page, you MUST include artist's name and link to the Viewbug page where it appears.

This puzzle can be searched under FairybytheWaterEcard & Fairy_by_the_Water_Ecard

Available sizes: 9, 56, 120, 224, & 340


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Thanks mate XOXO


That aged look in your face is something we all have, probably to be called the Covid Coma. It's not permanent.
Let those drinks be both for your peace of mind and for those loved and lost.


Ouch for the ankle!
Yes, men can also get breast cancer, only it's not too well known.

Yes, it's about 7:30 pm here - I'm about to indulge in a roast lamb dinner and have some chocolate mudcake for desert :-D
Then I'm going to have a few drinks, because I've seen the youth leaving my face in the picture I took for facebook... now glum :(


Apart from a sprained ankle from indoor rock climbing, a month ago, he is very very well. As am I; in another study as of last evening. (2:25am; woke up and had to check in on this addictive website... maybe you've heard of it?) In about 7 hours, all 52 of us will have taken a breast cancer treatment pill, and one more 11 days later. Apparently men can also contract it.
The pay is ample, and along with the service to humanity, it makes the experience well tolerable.

Best wishes for you and yours! It must still be your special day right now, in distant NSW.
Cheers, and I shall raise a non-alcoholic glass to you. ;-D


A-ha you remembered! Hee hee ;-)

Many thanks my good friend. I trust you and your son are well, too XOXO


Very happy birthday wishes to you, Christine! May your special day last you the whole year long.


Sarah, I already have you tagged in that one ;-)

Thank you Peggy, yes, I think she is too. Yes, I have been super busy doing final edits on book 1 of my novel-Fantasy series. It's intensive work and has been consuming a lot of my time. In between 'breaks' I've worked on a couple of digital art pics, one of which I just made into a puzzle for us!
I spoke to Maureen just yesterday about your books, too! She thought she was supposed to be waiting to hear from you, but I told her that you are waiting to hear from her, so that payment and shipping can be arranged (it was a moment of shaking our heads in frustration, believe me).
As for the covid, we are going well, thanks. We live in a country town but also keep much to ourselves, so our chances of catching it are slim, thankfully. We hear in the news how the U.S. are very conflicted in how to deal with it, and how things are only made worse by a president who doesn't lead by good example :(
I hope you and your loved ones are surviving it though XO

She is a pretty little fairy. Haven't heard a lot out of you for a while = tending to all of your projects? Incidentally - have you heard yet on when the 4 books will be ready? Thanks my lovely Aussie friend. Oh yes, how are you faring down under with covid thing? I think my country is about to have another civil war or something. Everything has gone to pot. Disgusting. Peggy


340pc for me please


You did tag me and I responded, too...don't know if you had more than one copy of this, but if not...where did my comment disappear


Hi @Birgit73 I thought I had tagged you in this puzzle, sorry for the delay! XO


Thank you "Bubbly" (for a bubbly personality) ;-)


Lovely shades in this pretty photo Kyrin - very professional looking.

You can call me anything but don't call me 'late for dinner' (• ͜ʖ •)


My Dad says you can call me anything but "Piss Off" (or similar lol)


I answer to either, so your choice! I've even been known to answer to "Hey, You!!!" lol XO


Oh lovely, and thanks.
I can happily call you DJ, too XO


Kyrin, yes you can call me just Donna. DJ is just a nickname I picked up years and years ago after I married my hubby.


Aw fanks mate, I'm glad you like it too :-)


This is sweet.
Thanks Christine!


Thank you John! I had a quick look at that link - so many things to see!

Thanks Donna (is just Donna ok?), the geode is artificial, and I wasn't going to attempt to make it look real, more so because the photo's finish actually makes it seem like water, so it seemed natural to go with that idea instead :)


That geode really does look like water. Such a beautiful figurine. Great job on the computer!!! dj


another job well done Kyrin :o)

here's another link of things you can use while making your creations


Thank you :-D


Thanks my friend for the "Fairy Magic" today. Another amazing job.


Hope you like a bit of 'fairy magic' today ;-)
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