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Black Beauty

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  1. dianed9:28
  2. mizanne10:19
  3. ZenaJayne10:47
  4. Vinkan11:22
  5. PaulsMommy12:29
  6. Jsmith102413:03
  7. SParker113:49
  8. jlcutright14:58
  9. arwenlove15:01
  10. tupb4815:09


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That would certainly explain the ugliness.


Now what I see is a strange creature pretending to be a unicorn. Looks dazed, spaced out. Maybe some magician created him and didn't do a very good job. Maybe this is a curse to punish vanity.

He's a beautiful color and looks strong and fierce but he's certinly not very attractive. But thank you anyway, Arwen. :)


Good. I never intended to bruise your artistic ego. Everyone has a reason for doing things the way they do, and seeing things the way they do, and feeling.......


No, I am not an artist. I am not crazy about his musculature, either. But I do love the colovers and his goatee. I couldn't find an artist cited for this work. Its from a website where a lot of artists- youth included post their work. This could be the work of a young'un.


The background in the picture is great. The water lilies are such a nice touch. The color of the water is so pure. The cat tails are perfect, the sky. All the colors come together so well. The black is a striking contrast. I really like his wild mane, his goatee, the pensive appearance. There is a hint of sadness.
The musculature is a bit over done, and maybe too shiny, leathery, or like a polished statue. To me, a unicorn is an ethereal creature, sleek. The male especially is naturally, effortlessly large and strong, without having to prove anything. No steroids. He seems armored. What say you?
Did you paint this one? I don't see any other names. oops.


funny ;D


Lol me too :D


Shows how much I pay attention to the thumbnail; I was thinking 'Black Beauty ' the horse, not a unicorn!

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