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Moth Wing

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Trailing edge of a wing of a Black Witch Moth magnified several hundred times. I hope you enjoy it.
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I'm going to jump on this one... i just looked them up on the Bezoweasel site and there are so many - have no idea where to start. I see some low-cost ones saying 2 megapixels; some with very high magnification ranges... I was thinking about something that would allow folks to look at fine details for plant identification which is generally lower magnification but requires good depth of field - but at these prices, maybe i could get both? Where would you suggest i look for comparisons to help me decide? If it's not too much of an imposition, my email is If you put hermitish in the subject i'll know where it's from. thanks again for this gem!


It is my own image and I didn't use an actual microscope. I have what is called a USB microscope tkhat is actually a small camera with extreme focus that plugs into a computer. They are available on that website named for a large river in South America and are quite reasonably priced and loads of fun. I think this image is around 500x magnification. It would be great if my interest in natural sciences might inspire others to explore our world. Let me know if you need more info.


What an inspiration! Is this your own photograph? I've been wanting to work on procuring a good macroscope for our library for patron use... now while we are shut down for some time is the perfect time to work on scouting out sources / funding. Thank you for this!


That is so cool! I love learning about stuff like this. Thanks, hermitish!


Fascinating...who would have guessed!!

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