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ʚᕫɞ Pulsatilla grandis ʚᕫɞ

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Pulsatilla grandis is a beautiful flower blooming on early spring, very rare and strictly protected. It is a perennial plant that blooms in the meadows in March, beautiful purple bells of flowers bloom on stems covered with fine hairs. The gentle beauty of this unique plant attracts the attention of many admirers of this little spring miracle
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Thank you Deanna for writing back. :) I hope you are doing fine.


Dear Dulsineja, please excuse me, I found your message with such a delay. You are right, nature is a great helper, especially in the current situation. It is a source of energy, strength and joy in sad days. With spring comes hope, I wish you beautiful spring days ♥:))


Thank you Deanna, it is reassuring to read you. You are right, we are all fed up with the situation that has been dragging for so long. To let go, I try to enjoy nature as often as I can. Just yesterday, I also watched a docu that shows how beneficial nature and activities we do there can be - be it more of an observer, a researcher, or doing active sports. A 3D forest in which I can walk - this is the best. ;)


Dulsineja, I read with pleasure that your family is fine and I hope nothing has changed while I was not here. The situation with "loosening" and "tightening" the restrictions and the course of individual waves is like on a swing. We're all tired of it. After moments of hope, bad news comes and it is too long for us. We have to be patient, I believe that the day will come when the nightmare will end and we will be able to breathe freely again. Now we will enjoy nice meetings and also spring days with beautiful flowers and we will enjoy things that are possible now. I wish you and your family good health and I look forward to seeing you together ♥:))


This spring flower has caught my attention this year as I found one the other day on a windy high plateau of SW Slovenia. Well, there are other areas (particularly one in SE Slovenia), which I was wanting to visit on a next trip. Such wishes have been postponed again due to the third wave of coronavirus - we've just started the next lockdown. I hope you are faring better, Deanna. :) My family is okay, this is the most important for now.


Jackie, thank you for your kind wishes and message. I wish you beautiful spring days and I look forward to seeing you again ♥:))


RetiredOkie, thank you for stopping by and looking at these unique flowers, I'm very glad you like them ♥:))


JIll, thank you for lovely and very accurate description of my photo, I'm glad you like the view of these beautiful flowers. I feel it the same way you do, the big developed bells are wonderful, but "my heart took" those tender flowering buds, as you wrote, like little birds in a nest ♥:))

Very pretty, Have a great day. Thank you.


These are sooooo the fuzz on them! Thanks for sharing.


Deanna these are such beautiful little flowers and a wonderful set of photos. I particularly like this one as to me it looks almost like the flowers are emerging from a nest and like little birds opening their mouths. Very sweet, thank you


Fishes, thank you for your lovely and brief message, nice to see you ♥:))




Thank you Marina, nice to see you. I wish you a beautiful Saturday night that will be an hour shorter, are you also going to "summer time" this night, I think ♥:))


Beautiful flowers.

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