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Duck and cabbage anyone?

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Taken at the Roma St Parklands, Brisbane City last Sunday.
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  1. chookies0:13
  2. Juanca28100:17
  3. Shian20:21
  4. ikook0:21
  5. Robbos0:21
  6. goingsilver0:22
  7. SteveA0:26
  8. PLG19580:27
  9. iceng0:27
  10. snooker0:28


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LOL! Thanks Barb - I've never tried that combo:))

Thanks Lunie, smllpkg, Patti, snooker ( I'm not up on my duck ID's!!), Dave ( it didn't look like they'd been snacking!), IF ( it was a special 'Spring' show!!), and ikook!!


Beautiful image, Robyn!


Very nice one, robryan. Roma St Parklands looks like it's a prolific provider of photo opportunities! :) I learned something from jan42ful about duck ID.


Great photo! Mallards eat cabbage I wonder if they do too...if so its a handy meal!

Sure does look like a female mallard so they must be very similar. Great cabbages. :)




Soaking up the sun.


Praparing to make salad Mrs. Duck?


Very lovely pair....meaning cabbage and duck....LOL Thanks Rob :)


LOL!! Go for it chookie:))))) He was off in a quiet place away from the passing crowds - having a snooze!!! Thanks!!

Thanks Janet - he's sure an attractive one!!


Rob, they are very similar to Mallards, just darker and with the distinctive face markings. Hugs.


Hmm, I was wondering what to have for dinner!! It looks like he's posing for you, rob :))


Thanks Lorna:)))


A lovely combination when presented like this Rob!


She does too Beekay:))) Thanks!!

LOL!! Nice story Marian:)))
Janet says that they are a native Aussie duck - Pacific Black Duck - maybe they look similar to Mallards - I'm not up on my duck ID:))) Thanks!!


A nice puzzle thanks seems mallard ducks are just about everywhere. For many years we had a seasonal site in Canmore (just outside Banff National Park) alongside a lovely creek and for a few seasons we had a Mallard pair always show up at our trailer, so much so we named them Rodney and Rebecca....good memories.


She looks like a statue :-)) Great photo!!


Thanks jyl - I enjoy bordering the photos!!

She was quietly resting away from the garden visitors Shirley - thanks!!

AAHH!! Thanks for the ID Janet - much appreciated:))) I was hoping you'd know:)))) Thanks!!


This is a Pacific Black Duck, Rob, a native Aussie. Looks great with the ornamental cabbages. Thanks and hugs, Janet


Mother duck is very content among her pretty surrounds, the cabbages are very decorative, Thanks, Rob.


A beautiful shot of Mrs. Mallard posing for you. I love the slim purple border you used to bring out the colour in the cabbage. Thanks for sharing!

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