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Pie floater

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‘Doesn’t that photo of a traditional South Australian pie floater just make your mouth water?

Tender beef chunks in a rich gravy, encased in golden, flaky pastry, up-ended in a steaming hot bowl of hearty, green pea soup. Optional condiments, often applied liberally, include tomato sauce, vinegar or Worcestershire sauce.

OK, I guess you’re right: it does look like an unappetising floating blob of mush, half-submerged in a bowl of inedible green gruel.

But believe me when I say that its unsophisticated appearance belies its delectability.

It's also important to understand that the gastronomic satisfaction achieved from devouring a pie floater is directly proportional to the number of alcoholic beverages one has consumed beforehand.

And there’s no need for etiquette with pie floaters: tradition dictates that they must be eaten whilst standing up, one hand cradling the bowl close to the mouth, while the other works a spoon-like utensil in a scooping motion. Frontal spillage and a burnt roof of the mouth are the inevitable consequences of partaking of this South Australian delight.’

Check out the info on the website as the pie floater has a fascinating history. Originally sold from a pie cart on the street.
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I read that a man drowned 7500 mice in a horse trough trap in one night. Sounds like a biblical plague.


@Juba1010, no joke, took my 4WD in to fix a leaky manifold gasket and mechanic said that mice had been chewing wires in the engine bay. Said he’s seen many cars lately, with same prob. Mice must have run out of cheese. A couple lost their house in a fire caused by mice chewing electrical wires.



Just read an article about the plague of mice in Stralia. Maybe you could use these to drown some.


You need to buy a beer hat. Problem solved.


I understand the necessity of stand up eating, but where do I set my beer?


Just drop a pot pie into a bowl of soup. Done..:P


When I saw the word "floater," I was SURE you were pulling my leg. Yet your inviting essays seems earnest.

The ingredients all sound good to me, so, sure I'd try it!


@Mischka, a genuine culinary icon in Straya.

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