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New Multi-Themes Tomorrow: "BIRDS, BIRD FEEDERS, BIRDHOUSES & BIRDBATHS" Enjoy, stay well, hugs.

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No problem at all!!! I just wanted to make it easy on you. I was too slow, lol. You have it now. Hugs.


Aw Sue so sorry it took me so long to come back! Shower, dinner, play with Oliver, and past 15 min looking because I was so sure I had the list... is a monthly list I found online and of no use. Last resort was to look through your puzzles... came to tell you I found it and got here when you had done it. Now I am sure I have two bookmarks with the weekly list. Thank you!!!


Here is the rest of the year's list, BirdNana. @BirdNana

17-23 Birds, Birdhouses, Birdbaths & Birdfeeders
24-30 ABCs & Interesting/Funny Signs
31-06 Jewelry
07-13 Rocks, Fossils, Minerals & Crystals (#611)
14-20 Summer Bliss (20 Summer Solstice)
21-27 Desserts & Party Foods (21 Father's Day USA)
28-04 Mailboxes & Outhouses (1 Canada Day)(4 Independence Day USA)
05-11 All Things Blue (#615)
12-18 Lighthouses, Windmills & Odd Buildings
19-25 National Parks
26-01 Square & Rectangular Things (27 JIGIDI APPRECIATION DAY - Say THANKS
to TPTB)
02-08 Castles, Ruins, Ghost Towns & Historic Places (#619)09-15 Sports
16-22 Vintage Photos (Especially old B&W ones of community life & and
family photos)
23-29 Capitals/Large World Cities
30-05 Ways To Relax/Have Fun (Favorite books, hobbies, games, vacations,
06-12 Famous Works Of Art(#624)
13-19 Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Creatures
20-26 The Colors Of Fall (22 Autumnal Equinox)
27-03 Things With Numbers
04-10 Home Sweet Home (Homes & Hometowns) (#628)
11-17 All Things Green/Living Green (12 Thanksgiving CAN)
18-24 Weather
25-31 Mystical, Magical, Mysterious Creatures (28 1st JIGIDI THEME
WEEK-2008)(31 All Hallow’s Eve)
01-07 Trees & Flowers (#632)(1 Daylight Savings Time Ends USA)
08-14 Honoring The Military
15-21 Fish, Amphibians & Reptiles
22-28 Music & Dance (26 Thanksgiving Day USA)
29-05 The Majestic Earth (Waterfalls, Mountains, Valleys, Lakes, Glaciers)
06-12 Things That Glisten/Glitter/Glow/Shine/Reflect (#637) (10 Hanukkah)
13-19 Christmas Characters/Snow Games
20-26 Holiday Magic (21 Winter Solstice YIPPEE)(25 Christmas)(26 Kwanzaa & Boxing Day)
December 27 to January 2 – Theme will be “WELCOME TO 2021 (#640)


Hi, Pam. It is always a pretty week. I am well. Thanks.

Hi, Ardy. I have to hunt up mine, too.

Hi, BirdNana. May 1st was 2 weeks ago. That week was Glassware/Antiques. Do you want me to repost the list for the rest of the year?


Tomorrow? I thought it was starting May 1st?


Thanks, Sue. I hope I can keep this in mind long enough to post a puzzle. LOL


Thank you for this pretty reminder puzzle, Sue. Hope you are enjoying your weekend, and staying well. Hugs ☺︎♥︎