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Cool trees & all the other stripes too!! Now off to go solve today's puzzles!! Can't believe I never did puzzles yesterday!!! LOL Thanks June!! :)))))
(time, 6:23)


Hi Lee and Anne, I like to see them bare in winter but we are about to have a big problem with our ash trees which are infected. Denmark lost 90% of theirs, I am surrounded by ash trees and would be devastated if they went. Please God can I do a deal, take the sycamore instead


Trees are just great as you've shown here - a great puzzle too with fantastic elements. Some people don't like deciduous trees because they lose their leaves but they don't realise that evergreens like gums lose leaves and branches all year round. Thanks June.

trees are magnificent! This year Indiana (USA) lost so many plants and trees because there was no rain. Had to hire someone to cut off dead branches and pull trees. Hope for a better year in 2013.


warmer today at 49 degrees but getting dark already at 3:30 soon be time to bed the goats down, roll on the solstice


You are SO right about the daylight. There's not too much of it so it really is great that the trees do what they do!! Thanks so very much June!!


same here, the chestnut tree outside my window is nearly shorn of its lovely russet leaves. My living room is surrounded by trees so at least now I have some daylight, just lately realized that is another blessing of leafless trees at least we get the optimum daylight, ain't nature great!


Makes me want to skip forward to spring. All our leaves are on the ground here. Thanks June

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