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Chicks and Keets

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The chicks are Sebright which are sold and being picked up on Friday. The keets are 1 week old. I bought them on Friday hoping that one day they will be able to free range on my property patrolling for any pests that are to their liking. Here's a link to Guinea Fowl.
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Edie, I too, have missed you terribly!!!!!!!! Your wit, your banter, your kindness, your strength, your friendliness, your character, your love for nature and it's wee ones, just to name a few of your attributes........... Hugs to you my dear and a warm wishing smile headed your way........... Kathy :-)

Not sure why you left, but you are a FORTRESS!!!!!!


LOL Rains!! And I might be able to take her now. She'll be seriously outta practice! (❛ᴗ❛)


Come on already ~ Kirsten and I wanna race !


And thinking about your Advent calendar puzzles. ;D


I was thinking about you, Edie, so thought I would pop by to let you know. I hope we see you back here some time soon. ❤︎❤︎❤︎


And I miss you too. I told Bella (8 weeks old now) about her auntie, she will love to meet her. ♥☺♥


Let me add a "me, too" to these messages, Edie.


yes edie- i miss you just like everyone else. please come back soon fellow german!!!!!


Edie, you have been greatly missed. I do hope all is well with you and your family!


I check your profile every couple of days, Edie - hoping you have come back. I hope everything is OK with you. And that maybe in your winter, we'll see you again. Take care. (❛ᴗ❛)


Have been thinking of you through the summer...just caught up on your postings so now I can transfer you from my old "Favourites" to the new "Followed" category.
I'm also wondering how the little rescued mother made out...hope everything worked out well and that she and her kitties all found loving homes. ❤︎


Thanks for letting us know, Ardy. Hopefully it's a short absence. (•‿•)


Thank you so much ringleader. I was thinking positive that she was busy with her life and would be back on jigidi at the end of summer.


I've been in touch with Edie. When I asked if I could let people know she is OK she suggested I put a message here saying she is all right and taking a leave of absence from Jigidi.


Ditto, to what Barb said... Hoping everything is OK with you and yours.... 。◕‿◕。❤。◕‿◕。


We're all missing you, Edie. Hope you can stop by even if only briefly. :-)


Me too. :)


I was thinking the same thing, Florrie. I've been checking in each day. (•‿•)


Hi Edie - hope you are all right - I'm on the mend...
Just had to see what is new with you, the Sebrights are lovely - and so interesting to see the keets.

Thank you ever so much for the link to the Guinea Fowl - what a great asset to you. Yes, they seem to be perfect guards and "clean-up-crew". Good luck to you Edie,


Love the photos. Good luck with the new arrivals Edie.


I meant to say that this solution reminds me of my Marema (Italian sheepdog) suggestion. I like the idea of something living with the chickens, taking care of them. Here's hoping. (•‿•)


Always something interesting from you. Thanks, Edie, and good luck.


Thanks Kirsten. I'll give it a year and if I can't handle it they'll be on Kijiji. I may not even need to make that decision since they are going to free range and may get picked off by predators long before then. Hopefully that won't be the case as I intend to lock mine up at night. ☺︎


Thanks Wendy. I had someone picking up chicks yesterday who's originally from South Africa. When I showed him the keets he said that Guinea's are crazy birds. His father used to shoot them. Of course in their native Africa they run wild like wild turkeys here. I hope mine won't be that crazy. ☺︎


I've got everything crossed that it works out, Edie. (•‿•)


Thanks for the link, Edie. That was a lot more interesting than I thought it would be. I'll be curious how these turn out for you. :-)))))))))))))))))


Thanks Barb. Me too. I may end up regretting this decision. I had wanted to get some last year but there weren't any available locally. Now these people put in the ad and they're only 10 minutes from my place. Their parents have a farm where they keep a large flock and they bring the eggs to the sons house who hatches and sells the chicks. Time will tell. ☺︎


Thanks Sally. I had 4 chicks hatch overnight and they were just picked up so there's quite the demand right now. It's a lot of work with hatching and looking after the young so I decided to pack up the incubator for the season. Now the guy who just picked up the 4 is asking me to hatch more for him. I told him I'd let him know in a day or two. ☺︎☺︎☺︎


Thanks for introducing us to the newest members of your menagerie, Edie. Also, thanks for the link. Hope it all works out. :-)


Something new and exciting has been added to the flock... I hope they work out and keep the pests down... Will be fun to watch them grow up too.... You have your hands full in paradise... Thanks, Edie for the update and good luck with Luke and Cole.... 。◕‿◕。❤。◕‿◕。


Thanks Ardy. Chickens don't like snow either so it won't be any different. There are so many articles written about the pros and cons of keeping Guinea Fowl. It seems like either people love them or hate them. One person got rid of his because they bullied his chickens. I intend to keep them with the chickens once they can come out from under the heat lamp and then hopefully free-range them on the property. We'll see how that all plays out. I first have to teach Luke and Cole that they are not food. It will be interesting.


Edie, I finished reading all these pages. Sounds like having them in with the chickens is good and will make it easier to get them in at night. That article was well written and fun to read. Sounds like winter might be a problem as they don't like snow. Good luck, Edie. Thanks for introducing your new part of your flock.

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