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Ring & Tooters: We found Grannie's desk!

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AND Tooters spotted the ceiling fan as well! Ring could care less about it!☺☺☺
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  1. babray3:41
  2. webpeggy3:57
  3. Impie5:23
  4. canalview6:39
  5. lindaleigh7:02
  6. beyondwords7:50
  7. Superbaz13:17


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Patsy, you are right and I am enjoying it!

It's a full-time job just keeping track of these three, plus the rest of the household. Keep enjoying it!

You are correct on that one! And they are getting into everything, and the big Scallywag Squad is teaching the big kids things as well!


Who needs aerobics with kitty explorers in the house!! :-))

They are that finding & doing new things everyday! I walked into the breakfast room where I have a bar height table and director's chairs to see little Tail in the seat of one! I almost had heart failure, put her down and she was back up before I could get a camera. I'll try and post that picture tomorrow!


They are loving exploring!

You and me both, Impie, all 3 are fearless but especially Ring & Tail!


Hope she won't try to jump to it when it's running, Betty.:))

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4 October 2020 - 28 August 2016
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